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Author: dinosaursgoesrawr
Created: November 29, 2010
Taken: 101 times
Rated: PG

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music shuffle  

These songs, they sing your stories to the world.

Created by dinosaursgoesrawr and taken 101 times on Bzoink
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Put your MP3 on shuffle and answer the question with the title of the song.
Title of the your life
Introduction song
Your parents hitting it off
Song played when your mother finds out she's pregnant with you
Her exact words
Your father's reaction
Song during the doctor visits
Song during the first trimester
Song during the second trimester
Song during the third trimester
Your mother's water broke
Song when your father is rushing your mother to the hospital
During childbirth
Song when you are born (also your theme song)
Your mother's reaction
Your father's reaction
What everyone first thought of you
Song when you first spoke
Your first word(s)
Your first steps
When you play as a toddler
When you enter preschool
When you enroll in elementary school
When you make your first friend
When you play at recess
When you enter intermediate/middle/junior high
When you have your first wet dream/period
Your first crush
Your first enemy
Your best friend
When you have a pet
When you fight with your enemy(ies)
Your first boyfriend/girlfriend
When you enter high school
When you enter in an extra curricular activity
When you made honor roll
When you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend
When you are depressed
When you have a first affair/secret lover
When you fight with your best friend
When you are failing a class/classes
When you are suicidal
When someone cheers you up
When you are annoyed
When you are happy
When you are hyper
When you are in love
When you fight with your parents
What you scream to them
What they scream at you
When you graduate from high school
When you lose your best friend
When you find your soul mate
Your first job
When you enroll to college
When you make up with your best friend
Your first car
Your first apartment
When you graduate from college
What your parents say to you
When you have a job in your profession
When you get married
Your honeymoon
Song when you make love
Song when you find out you or your significant other is pregnant
Your reaction
Your significant other's reaction
Your parents' reaction
When your parents divorce
When you get in a car accident
When you or your spouse has a miscarriage
Your reaction
Their reaction
When you have a one night stand
When your spouse finds out
When your spouse forgives you
When you conceive another child
Your reaction
Your spouse's reaction
When you have a party
When you buy your first home
When you or your spouse gives birth
Your reaction
Their reaction
What you named your child
Your reaction when your parents are married again
When your pet dies
Your child's first word(s)
Your child's first steps
When your child is in preschool
When your child is in elementary
When your child is in middle/intermediate/junior high
When your child is in high school
Their prom
Their first boyfriend/girlfriend
Your reaction
When your child graduated from high school
What you say to them
When your best friend gets married
When you become a grandparent
When your parents die
When your spouse gets ill
When your spouse dies
Your reaction
Song when you die
Description of your death
Song at your funeral
Credit song