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Author: coffingirl
Created: November 26, 2010
Taken: 146 times
Rated: G

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Sick of all the sorrow. Without a doubt, I'll be sick of it tomorrow, but there's no way out.

Created by coffingirl and taken 146 times on Bzoink
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What type of movies do you get into the easiest?
What type of humor do you find funniest?
If you could learn to play any instrument, what would you pick?
What is it about a stranger that makes you interested in them?
Are you materialistic?
Do you think more with your heart, your mind or your body?
What types of things fascinate you?
Do you think it's alright to completely ruin someone's life on purpose?
What are your opinions on bullying?
More space incase you need it.
If you were a writer, what type of stuff would you most likely write?
Do you believe in stereotypes?
Do you concern yourself with trying to fit in with a certain one?
Do you have any mental disorders or diseases?
How do you feel upon seeing someone who's missing an appendage?
Do you feel you're more beautiful inside or out?
Do you let music move your body, or do you hold back?
Are you willing to do whatever it takes to have fun?
What is something that is often on your mind (besides specific people)?
What kinds of feelings do your hobbies leave you with?
Why is your favorite store your favorite?
Do you prefer touch screens to non-touch screens?
Can you handle the stress of working in food/customer service?
Are you ever rude to people on purpose?
Can you feel the rush of energy a band brings when playing live?
How do you feel when you're around a lot of people you don't know?
Do you pick up on the feelings of others easily?
What is your favorite clothing style?
What kind of place would you want to raise your children?
Would you let your child have a pet?