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Author: alyssaohyah818
Created: November 16, 2010
Taken: 49 times
Rated: G

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Created by alyssaohyah818 and taken 49 times on Bzoink
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What color shirt are you wearing?
Do you have a song stuck in your head? Which one?
Are you supposed to be doing something important right now?
What was the last thing you watched?
What kind of cell phone do you have?
Why do you think the sky's blue?
What's the weather like?
Are you random?
Do you like potatoes?
Can you dougie/jerk?
Can you rap Eminem?
What's your favorite spice?
What's the worst injury you've had?
Do you believe yellow can be for a girl or a boy?
Would you rather swin in the ocean or a pool?
Do you laugh when someone says do do?
Would you shove a remote up your butt?
Have you ever tried drinking with a straw but it went up your nose?
Have you ever farted in a public bathroom EXTREMELY loud?
Can you name three things that rhyme with shoe?
Have you ever seen a hairy toe?
Do you have a tattoo?
Did you have a barbie/GI Joe?
Do you have a clean or messy room?
What's the longest you've slept in?
If you got knocked up as a teen, would you go on 16 and Pregnant?
Last time you laughed so hard you peed/almost peed your pants?
Can you burp the alphabet?
Do you sleep with the tv on?
Do you think you have A.D.D.?