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Author: shanynx73
Created: November 12, 2010
Taken: 89 times
Rated: G

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the world just chewed her up, and spat her out

Created by shanynx73 and taken 89 times on Bzoink
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What was one thing you achieved today?
Have you ever attended a school dance?
What was the last thing you used paper for?
Do you use flash drives?
How often do you use youtube?
Do you use sticky notes?
Have you ever written a check?
Do you enjoy swimming?
Would you ever want to go scuba diving?
Do you think there are other species on another planet?
Would you rather use a pen or pencil?
Are you listening to music, if so, what song?
Do you listen to upbeat music when your upset, or angry music?
Do you have to take any antibiotics?
Do you regularly watch tv?
What is your favorite kind of chip?
Have you ever been called naive?
What color are your nails painted, if they are?
What type of shoes do you normally wear?
Do you like to layer on clothes?
Do you wear scarves as an accesory?
Is there a type of make-up you couldn't live without?
Do you get magazines delivered in the mail?
Have you ever watched survivor?
Would you rather wear jeans or jean shorts?
Do you like wearing skirts?
Do you eat sunflower seeds?
Has anything inspired you lately?
On a bunk bed, do you prefer the top bunk or the bottom?
What toys did you play with as a kid?