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Author: seachaange
Created: November 10, 2010
Taken: 120 times
Rated: PG

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we will keep you here till four.

Created by seachaange and taken 120 times on Bzoink
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Do you ever feel guilty after you masturbate?
What is the most you have ever weighed?
Would you ever work at McDonald's?
If you aren't already, would you go vegetarian or vegan?
Are you an activist of any kind?
What do you think of feminism?
Have you ever done anything sexual with the same sex?
Are you a member of any dating sites?
Coolest person you've ever met?
Have you ever gone to a strip club?
If not, would you ever go?
Do you wear boxers?
Girls, how old were you when you first learned how to put in a tampon?
Would you ever attend a gay pride parade or festival?
Most ghetto area you've been to?
Do you listen to The Dream?
If so, what's your favourite song by him?
Do you download music via Limewire or file sharing?
Have you ever used a torrent?
Did you see Paranormal Activity 2?
Have you ever been so scared of a movie you had to leave the theatre?
Have you ever been to Canada?
One place you want to visit before you die.
Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone in school?
What would you do if an old man grabbed your ass?
Do you like moustaches?
Know any hipsters?
What about gays?
Does the song that gets on everybody's nerves get on your nerves?
Is daylight savings time kicking your ass?
Could you hack into someone's computer if you tried hard enough?
Have you ever smoked a cigar?
What is one thing you want for Christmas this year?
Do you go out on Black Friday?
Do you have curtains in your bedroom?
Did you like the Spice Girls when you were little?
Can you sing the entire Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song?
Do you get heartburn?
What internet browser do you use?
Are you scared of elevators?
Have you ever seen a dead body in person?
Have you ever seen The Goonies?
Do you think Michael Jackson was really a sex offender?
If you're white, do you ever wish you were black? Or vice versa?
Do you bake cookies all the time around Christmas?
Do you like your hair pulled?
Do you crack your toes?
What kind of cellphone do you have?
Have you ever visited a college for a weekend?
Are you in college?
What is the furthest you will go away from home for college?
Funniest youtube video you've seen?
Are you scared of public restrooms?
Do you still go trick or treating?