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Author: kaleighloves
Created: October 30, 2010
Taken: 148 times
Rated: G

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I thought I heard a plane crashing, but now I think it was your passion snapping.

Created by kaleighloves and taken 148 times on Bzoink
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Is 'making out' an example of acceptable PDA?
Do you enjoy sleeping more than you should?
Have you ever been asked to stop doing something at a movie theatre?
Have you ever felt trapped within a relationship?
What's something about life they should teach in school, but don't?
Are you a good sport about receiving a gift that you don't want?
What's your relationship status?
What is a song that always makes you feel sad?
What is the last thing you purchased at a gas station?
Was the tooth faerie generous with you as a child?
If there's a movie you really wanna see, will you go to the movies, or wait
and rent, or buy it?
What's the last movie you saw in theatres?
Has anyone ever proposed to you?
Could you describe to me the most magnificent dream you've ever had?
What's your favorite winter coat look like?
Do you eat the pizza crust, or just throw it away?
Ever met anyone who wasn't ugly, but 'average' looking, but because of-
their personality,you found them more physically attractive than they were?
What typically draws your 'wild side' out of you?
Is it cruel for exotic animals to be held captive in circuses/zoos?
Do you wear jewelry often?
Are you flexible?
Do you know how to play any musical instrument(s)?
Do you wear glasses? If so, what do they look like? (or contacts?)
Do you have any peacock-ish tendencies? (showing off...)
What's your favorite popular song? (everyone has atleast one they like:)
What would you imagine a monster looks like?
Do you know anyone who goes by the nickname 'Toosie'?
Have you ever seen the movie Living In Oblivion?; it's older,but brilliant.
Are you more likely to sprout wings or horns?
What song are you embarrassed to admit is on your iPod/music player?
What is something that you've lost that you'd really like back?
Has anyone ever stolen clothing items of yours, when you KNEW it, but...
couldn't prove it?
Have you ever met anyone famous or well-known?
When meeting a celebrity, are you more focused on getting an autograph/
photograph, or having a small conversation? (or what would you be...)
Does it bother you if the food on your plate touches each other?
Do your shoelaces always seem to be coming undone?
What is the most interesting surname you have ever heard?
Do you wear shoes that are uncomfortable?
What color is your camera?
Does your cell-phone take good quality pictures?
Do you have any knee-high socks?
Any movies you really wanna see??
Your parents ever make you attend classes you had no interest in as a kid?
Have you ever been mauled/attacked by a dog or a cat?
Are you a fan of Sanrio?
What's your favorite Lady GaGa song?
If you don't like her, could you explain why, please?
Is it cruel for parents to have their toddler's ears pierced?
Who is someone famous that you look up to, or have at one point in time?
What is something you have done underage?
How would you describe your own personal style?
How would you define 'beauty'?
What does your favorite Christmas ornament look like?
Spell out what the initials of your full name sound like together;
UGGs, Doc Martins, or Jeffrey Campbell boots?
When was the last time you argued with someone over something petty?
Do you prefer 'distressed' jeans, or jeans that are fully intact?
Is there anything you keep/collect that most people just throw away?
Have you ever been to The Rainforest Cafe?
Which Chex Mix flavor is the best?