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About This Survey

Author: lostintherain
Created: October 21, 2010
Taken: 44 times
Rated: PG

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Final Fantasy VII

Created by lostintherain and taken 44 times on Bzoink
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Preferences (leave explanation as to why you chose what you did)
Avalanche, The Turks, or ShinRa
Why? (Haha, see up there I asked you to leave your explanations!)
Favorite Leader
Favorite Member of Avalanche
Least Favorite
Favorite Member of the Turks
Least Favorite
Favorite Employee of ShinRa
Least Favorite
Most Annoying Villain
Most Effed Up Character
Most Annoying ShinRa Employee
ShinRa or Avalanche
Cait Sith I or Cait Sith II
Cetras or the Ancients
Tifa or Aeris
Barret or Cid
Reeve or Tseng
Reno or Rude
Don Corneo or Dio
Palmer or Heidegger
Cloud or Zack
Safer Sephiroth or Bizzaro Sephiroth
Prettiest Girl
Prettiest Guy
Hottest Guy
Best Limit Break
Worst Limit Break
Favorite WEAPON (the monsters not the actual weapons you use to fight with)
Least Favorite WEAPON
Favorite Cutscene?
Least favorite Cutscene
Random Shit
Who'd you get the date with
Who were you aiming to get the date with
Did you cry when Aeris died
Are Tifa's boobs fake
Did you change any of your characters' names
If so, what did you change them to
Why did you choose those names
How did you split your party up in the five final battles at the end
Did you do the chocobo breeding sidequest
What chocobo's did you get
What did you name them
Did you get any optional characters
Did you do Yuffie's side-quest
Did you do Yuffie's second side-quest (the Pagoda fights)
Did you do Vincent's side-quest
Were you mean to Wedge before he died
Did you regret it
Did you have Cloud flirt with Jessie
Did you regret it
Would you have rather had Zack as the main character instead of Cloud
Did Cid's way of walking amuse you
Were you offended by Barret and Cid's mistreatment of you
Did the Midgar Zolom kill ya
Have you gotten Knights of the Round yet
What about the Turtle's Paradise Flyers
Was I the only 1 who regretted touching the red shiny thing @ Golden Saucer
Did you swipe people's hard earned cash in the slums
When you got caught stealing the stuff did you lie
Did you regret it
Admit it, you had fun infiltrating ShinRa army and partaking in the parade
Did you win the bitchslap between Tifa & Scarlet
Did you enjoy the espionage on the Wall Market Street
What items did you get for Cloud
Did Don Corneo chose you over Tifa and Aeris
What did you threaten to do to Don?
Did you get scared during the Lab!cutscene where Jenova popped in
What about the flashback at Nibelheim
Did you think Cait Sith was a Pokemon and shout GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!
Nanaki = Digimon
Do you like the fact that the game is a RPG
Relationships Timeeee!!!! What are your thoughts on:
Tifa x Cloud
Aeris x Cloud
Barret x Cloud
Yuffie x Cloud
Cid x Shera
Vincent x Lucretia
Vincent x Cloud
Lucretia x Hojo
Rufus x Scarlet
Rufus x Elena
Rude x Elena
Reno x Elena
Tseng x Elena
Reno x Rude
Alright, enough of the mushy stuff! Time for some more pertinent questions
Should Marlene have serious issues from growing up around Avalanche members
Reno & Rude = Butt Buddies
Who's the better father, Godo or Hojo
Does Cid smoke too much
Does Sephiroth belong in a mental institution
Where exactly DOES Cloud put his sword when he's not using it
Did you ever secretly wish you had a Chocobo
Is Yuffie annoying
Is Tifa every fanboy's dream
Is Rufus even worthy of being president of ShinRa
Does Rude talk too much
Does Cloud have a personality disorder
Is Cloud a jackass
Does he have a good enough reason to be one
Is Reno a drunkard
Is Rude naturally bald
Do you pray to Dao Chan and Leviathan every night
Did you enjoy the Lost Number/Rapps/Gi boss battles
What's your opinion of Zack
Your honest opinion of Sephiroth
If you could have anyone's outfit, whose would it be
Does Cid even love Shera
What's your opinion on the whole Aeris/Cloud/Tifa love triangle