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Author: xxx-mizzemma-xxx
Created: October 9, 2010
Taken: 114 times
Rated: PG

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So Dance Dance Like Its The Last Last Night Of Your Life Life

Created by xxx-mizzemma-xxx and taken 114 times on Bzoink
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Let's Get Right Into Itt;
What's Your Opinion On Lady GaGa?
Do You Prefer Guys With Heaps Of Tattoos, Or Guys With Heaps Of Piercings?
What's Your Favourite Boys Name?
What's Your Favourite Girls Name?
Name One Random Fact About Your Best Friend.
If You Could Date Any Celebrity, Who Would It Be?
Would You Ever Do Something Crazy, Like Go Bunjee-Jumping?
Do You Have Facebook?
If So, How Many Friends Do You Have On There?
Name One Person That You Love More Than Anything.
Do You Like Apples?
Do You Have A Job?
Would You Ever Have A Threesome?
Do You Believe In God?
What's The Craziest Thing You've Ever Done?
Name Three Of Your Favourite Colors.
Do Eat Junk Food Much?
Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?
Ever Dated More Than One Person At Once?
Have You Ever Been On A Diet?
Do You Know Anyone Who Has Anorexia?
Have You Ever Done Something You Deeply Regretted?
When Was The Last Time You Screwed Up Big Time?
Are You In High School?
What's The Worst Thing You've Ever Been Called?
Have You Ever Caused A Scene In Public?
Would You Ever Do Drugs?
How Many Times Have You Had Sex?
When Was The Last Time You Hugged Your Mum?
Do You Anyone Called Savannah?
How Often Do You Go Online?
Would You Ever Hook Up With A Random Person That You Just Met?
Do You Play COD?
What's Your Favourite Magazine?
Do You Like Going Out With Friends?
Do You Consider Yourself Rich?
Ever Given A Hickey?
Ever Been Given A Hickey?
When Was The Last Time You Called Someone?
Who Was The Last Person That Texted You?
Do You Like Lollipops?
If You Could Choose One Person To Bring Back From The Dead, Who Would It Be
Last, But Not Least, Did You Like This Survey?