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Author: elfalienvampire
Created: September 30, 2010
Taken: 67 times
Rated: PG

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In Soviet Russia survey takes you!

Created by elfalienvampire and taken 67 times on Bzoink
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What flavor of Instant Lunch is your favorite?
White sauce or red? (On pizza, pasta, etc.)
Aren't steam buns made in heaven?
Milk, soymilk, rice milk, almond milk, coconut milk or Lactaid?
Do burritos actually give you the poots?
Drink (as in alcohol)
Do you even drink alcohol?
Ever been drunk, or just buzzed/tipsy?
Mixed drinks, shots, beer, or wine?
Do you drink and drive? (I hope not.)
What's the best TASTING drink you've had? (Not what makes u feel good)
Ever heard of the Protomen? You should.
Do you prefer early Beatles music or late Beatles music?
Which member of Metallica is your favorite? (Current or past)
Grateful Dead: awesome or dumb?
Where's your head at? And isn't that a cool song?
Silly Bands: cool in general, cool just for kids, or dumb in general?
The bob is back: are you happy?
Do you buy Avon? (Want to buy from me? E-mail mjp68@zips.uakron.edu)
Whether you love or hate Miley Cyrus as a singer...
...isn't her clothing line awesome?
What about Avril Lavigne's clothing line at Kohl's?
Teh Interwebs
Do you enjoy the Cheezburger Network's sites?
Any forums you enjoy?
FMyLife or MyLifeIsAverage?
Tweet much?
You're not STILL on dial-up are you?
Got any overdue library books at the moment?
Who's your favorite author?
Science fiction or fantasy?
Did you read Goosebumps as a kid?
Do you read assigned reading for school or use SparkNotes?
I hate politics, don't you?
Who in your life do you admire but are too scared to tell them?
Do you have a lot of friends who are not of your race?
Do you give a shit about celebrities?
Do you get along better with your own age, older or younger?
Do you think girls are all about drama?
Video Games
Can you get through Portal without help?
Are you psyched for WoW: Cataclysm?
How hard is Starcraft II? I want to play it but I'm scared.
What's the best Zelda game to start with? I want to play one.
Final Fantasy games or Kingdom Hearts games? Or both? Or neither?
What's the best giant robot anime?
If you had a Death Note, would you use it?
Do you wish you were as pretty as an anime character?
Have you ever been to a convention?
Have you ever cosplayed? If so, who?
Is "emo" necessarily a negative thing?
Do you prefer to be called a nerd or a geek? Or neither? Or you don't care?
Do you even care about labels?
Are hippies and stoners the same? (Hint: NO)
Do labels matter less once you're out of school?
Do you have a job?
Do you have to pay rent/bills?
Do you usually pay for stuff with cash, check or card?
Don't ATM fees piss you off?
If I handed you a hundred dollar bill, what would you do with it?
Are you on a boat?
What is your dream car?
Is riding horses something we shouldn't do anymore?
Do you know anyone who never learned to ride a bike?
Have you ever been in a helicopter?
Is this survey too long for you? (Too bad cuz I'm not done)
Do you prefer short or long surveys in general?
Are "about me" surveys even worth your time anymore?
Are We Alikes or Have You Evers?
Do you get all hurt if your survey's rated low?
What do you think about giant pandas?
Do you want a cat or a dog more?
Are you afraid of bugs?
Lions, tigers or bears? Or Ohmys?
Ever seen a kinkajou in real life?
Well, I'm bored of making up questions. See ya!