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Author: emilydoll
Created: September 15, 2010
Taken: 126 times
Rated: G

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ENOUGH BULLSH*T! ( Random like you like it )

Created by emilydoll and taken 126 times on Bzoink
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Did you like doing arts and crafts as a kid?
Last thing you purchased, and what you think of it today
A new cool person becomes you next bff. Are they gothic or preppy?
Have you ever collected soda pop tabs?
Do you buy some generic things, name one if so
Cool, you've always wanted to go to ( this place )
This food is actually damn good, but I don't know many that have tried it!
Do you like the Jackass movies, or do you think they're stupid?
Have you seen Wolverine : Origins? It was good.
Have you seen Dinner for Shmucks, if so what are your thoughts?
I'm giving you some new long pajama pants, how are they designed?
INTERESTING, ok, magazine you want a subscription to, please name 2
Magazine you ARE subscribed to
Magazine you would NEVER want to be subscribed to
What do you think about chicks with small boobies?
Are boobies overrated??
What do you think of Rihanna's style?
Omgosh, did you watch the last season of the Real Housewives of NJ?
I'm handing you a new bathing suit, what color is it?
Would you rather smell your own gas or someone you have a crush on?
I thought so! I thought so! Do you like mustard?
Sorry to be gross. Um, I don't get what is so wrong with baths??
Your pets, who and what are they, how old?
Celebrity you are sort of ergh about, we all have one.
Do you read fmlife.com?
Are you into the Perez Hilton gossip?
Do you know the Birthday Massacre? They rock.
The shoes you're looking to buy next? Describe them.
Do you like that zebra fruit stripes gum?
Did you grow up in the good ol' 90's?
Do you think it makes sense that life just happens over and over the same?
Do you ever crumple your paper into a ball and then throw it away?
Are you irritated by the same questions on bzoink??
Electric blue eyeshadow, whatcha think?
Are you nice to waitresses/waiters? Or are you biznatch about service?
Oh no, piece of hair in your food, what do you do?
Have you been to a dollar store this year?
Do you enjoy flea markets?
Would you ever buy an imitation item, like a Chanel bag?
What kind of birth control do you use? ( Guys can answer too pft )
What do you think of KAT VON D??
Do you skim your eyes over the tabloids in the grocery line??
T-shirts, do for you or don't?
You try to do this daily, for your health
Next movie you plan to watch at home
Home is where you belong, in definition, agree?
Sprouts in your salad, yay or nay? Do you even know what they are?
Are you worried about death?
2 movies you want in your collection, which are not in your top 3
Have you ever asked Jesus to come into your life and change it?
Do blonde hair and blue eyes attract you to a person?
Do you know a mean blonde person, someone that just made you tick?
What about a mean brown haired person?
What about a mean asian person?
What do you think of Asian culture?
Could you live with a dog that barked all the time?
How would like a legless doggie, that loved you so much? :}
What if your eyes just changed to the opposite color one day?
Is Obama the answer?
Legalize gay marriage, yay or nay? I say yay ofcourse, pft.
Suggest a place that sells could jeans.
Have you ever donated plasma, blood?
Do you know the song Thunderkiss 65? If so, who's it by?
What about "The Good Life"?
Ok, do you like really old like 1940's songs?
School is a drag and you prefer not to go, or you'd rather be in a class?
Beach is dirty or fun?
Are you more lake, river, beach, pool person??
Your underwear ... is what color?
What size undies do you wear anyways?
Best little town you've been to?
Ever relaxed in a hammock?
Best place to collect your thoughts alone?
Autumn scents or spring scents? Which is more you?
Hot coffee or cold coffee? <-frap or whatever
Hot tea or cold tea?
Composition or spiral?
Does your handwriting lean more to the left or right? Don't say it varies.
Did you collect gel pens in the 90's :) when they were HOT you know lol
Ever own one of those trendy bubble shirts?
Do you even know what I'm talking about?
Ever collect Pokemon cards?! YA!!! lol
Do you know what the term Pokemon means?
What do Bueno mean??
Do you ... like ... bean and cheese tacos?
What would you do if there was a flaming bag of poo on your doorstep.
Yeah don't step on it like an idiot. Last person who got on your nerves?
Are you subscribed to any forum which you are actively on? If so what?
Your major in college?
Bananas are
Favorite kind of apple?
Describe what your wallet looks like
And bag that you carry
That's cool. Would you ever wear your name some how, jewelry, shirt, tat?
What did you think of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James altercation?
Did you know that Kat Von D and Jesse James are like kissing?
Sorry if you don't care. Ok, if you know who I'm talking about, what do you
think of Danielle Staub??
Plastic or glass ornaments?
Bobble heads yay or nay?
Band posters, yay or nay?
Dressing in all black? Y or N?
Keg parties Y or N?
Halloween party Yay or Nay?!
What do you think of Marilyn Manson?
What about Justin Beiber?
Kim Kardashian?
Do you like the movie Donnie Darko?
Do you ever feed strays?
Most physically "challenging" thing you do with your body? ( ie Splits )
Do your mosquito bites turn into welts?
Have you ever had a wart?
Do you have lots of freckles?
If you had a garden, what would you grow? 2 things.
Bring home the troops in Iraq?
Potato chips, yay or nay?
A pet peeve ppl not find as peeving as you do?
Ice in your soda, yay or nay?
You would like your birthday cake to be like what?
Do you like those cute cartoon cakes?
Jersey Shore, yay or nay?
Keeping up with the Kardashians, yay or nay?
Yay or nay, is that term annoying you? I don't usually say it.
Do you ever say something in a different language in your everyday jarg?
The house next do you, or apt, is burning what do you do??
Would you ever run into a burning building to try and save someone?
Your best friend in the world is now heavily cocaine addicted, what to do?
Sequins, are you a big sequin person?
Rhinestones on your clothes, yay or nay?
Acrylic nails, whatchoo think about that?
Are you a bar hopper?
When do you, did you turn 21?
Tell me 2 goofy common cartoonish dog names if you can. $500 question.
One of THEE ugliest names for a girl lol?
For some reason I think you said some kind of viking or a stereotype name
Do you look like a complete nerd when you're not all cleaned up lol
I do. What body lotion do you use most right now?
Mechanical or regular pencil.
A deluxe prisma color kit or 5 brand new ink cartridges?
Travel size items or jumbo size items?
Is Kristen Stewart pretty or meh?
Comic Sans MS, a nice font or fugly font?
Are you anemic?
How many bibles are in your home?
Would you wear an Abercrombie labeled shirt?
Would you sport any label for that matter?
What is your first thought on people who sport Abercrombe all the time?
Would you wear tye dye, why or why not?