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Author: emilydoll
Created: September 15, 2010
Taken: 47 times
Rated: G

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The Poopular Survey!

Created by emilydoll and taken 47 times on Bzoink
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Last thing that pis'd you off
Do you ever slouch?
Be free in a bad place or trapped in a good place?
Something you don't like about your flesh?
When you go into a classroom do you usually go to the same sort of spot?
So what did you think of Lady Gaga's raw meat attire?
You're getting a brand new shiny laptop, what color is it?
Do you like someone that most people seem to dislike?
Best coffee cream flavor? Well one of them.
Are glasses cute or geeky?
Do you take more than 5 surveys every visit to bzoink?
Are you a stinky footed person?
Do you grab peppermints before you leave a restaurant?
Do you use those toilet seat covers in public restrooms?
Do you get jealous?
Your favorite theme park??
Favorite movie snacks? ( Theatre )
Next flick you wanna see in the theatre?
Staple nailpolish colors ( if you're a guy, then what np colors you like? )
What do you think happens after we pass?
Have you played God of War 3? It's crazy.
Are you into the Saw movies, or are you really eh about them, or sickened.
Do you actually enjoy staing at a mid class hotel?
Have you ever slept in a krap one?
Something that makes your skin crawl??
Something that totally calms you.
You're wearing a hoodie, what does it look like? What's on it?
Name 2 cool halloween costume suggestions for your own self
Do you like gifts in boxes or bags better?
Would you rather get a giftcard or an ipod?
You usually date, blondes, burnettes, redheads
Is that a preference?
Favorite gatoraide flavor/color
Was Krispy Kreme overrated?
And Starbucks?
Your grocery store is called
3(4+2) = what?
Purple eyeshadow is
Resident Evil 3D, would you pay to see it?
Are you into everything goin 3D?
Have you seen the 3D home tvs?
Would you ever want a hummer?
Do you take out your own trash?
Do you ever take baths?
Are you a big meat eater?
Is red a nice color to wear?
What color would you not consider wearing?
Sorry if this quiz sucked. Laters.