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Author: syri
Created: September 4, 2010
Taken: 49 times
Rated: PG

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Never understood how she could mean so little to so many.

Created by syri and taken 49 times on Bzoink
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::About your boyfriend::
What's his name?
What about his middle name?
How old is he?
Is there an age difference? If so how much?
How tall is he?
What is his bodytype?
What is his hair color?
Is it natural or dyed?
How does he style is?
What about his eyes, what color are they?
Does he wear a vision aid? Like glasses or contacts?
What shape is his face?
Does he have smooth skin, or does he shave?
Is he tan, pale, or inbetween?
::About the relationship::
When did you guys meet?
When did you actually get together?
How long have you been together?
Ever broken up, then got back together?
Do you guys have a song? What is it?
How did it become your song?
Have you ever had to do long distance?
Where did you go on your first date?
What did you wear?
How many times a day do you text one another?
How many times a day do you call one another?
Where is your favorite place to go together?
Is there a song that reminds you of them? If so what is it?
Whats your favorite movie to watch together?
Do you fight often?
What about mainly?
Whats your favorite thing to do together?
How often do you have sex?
Whats his favorite position?
Whats your favorite position?
Do you like to cuddle afterwards or get directly in the shower?
Speaking of showers. Have you ever had shower sex?
Do you live together?
If not, how often do you see one another?
When you sleep, do you sleep cuddled up, or apart from one another?
::What are his favorite::
His favorite band?
His favorite song?
His favorite word?
His favorite movie?
His favorite T.v show?
His favorite place to eat?
His favorite home cooked meal?
His favorite place to take a nap?
His favorite place to hang out?
His favorite soda?
His favorite alcoholic beverage?
His favorite regular drink?
His favorite game system?
His favorite game?
His favorite article of clothing?
His favorite article for you to wear?
His favorite season?
His favorite shampoo?
:: His least favorite::
His least favorite chore?
His least favorite person?
His least favorite movie?
His least favorite band?
His least favorite type of food?
::Have you ever::
Have you ever fought in public?
Have you ever had sex in a public place?
Have you ever spent the night together?
Have you ever went to the movies?
Have you ever been on an actual date?
Have you ever owned a pet together?
Have you ever taken a shower together?
Have you ever seen a live band together?
Have you ever been in a car wreak together?
Have you ever been to a bar together?
Have you ever been to a club together?
Have you ever fallen and he helped you up?
Have you ever been arrested together?
::Has he ever::
Has he ever yelled at you?
Has he ever made you cry?
Has he ever broken your heart?
Has he ever bought you something offline?
Has he ever spent more than $100 on you?
Has he ever hit you?
Has he ever hit something out of anger?
Has he ever made you laugh so hard you felt like pissing your pants?
Has he ever made you hate him?
Has he ever made you smile?
Has he ever done something stupid just to make you smile?
Has he ever gotten so drunk he couldnt drive home?
Has he ever gotten you lost while going to a date?
Has he ever laughed, thinking you were funny when you were being serious?
Has he ever gotten jealous?
Has he ever gotten into a fight over you?
Has he ever yelled at someone who upset you?
Has he ever lied to you?
Has he ever called you a liar?
Has he ever cheated on you?
Has he ever caught you cheating?