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Author: blackrose13
Created: September 4, 2010
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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Survey For Scorpios

Created by blackrose13 and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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do you like being a scorpio?
do you think it matches you?
what's the best thing about being a scorpio?
do you like being a water sign?
does it also match you?
do you like the color black?
do you like dark things? the dark side of life?
do you like scorpions?
are you secretive?
are you intuitive?
are you imaginative?
are you intense?
are your eyes your best feature?
are you sensual?
are you very deep?
are you extremely creative?
are you interested in the occult? or astrology?
are you a natural at reading people?
can you see right through most people?
do you hold grudges?
do you have a powerful sting if crossed?
are you sometimes jealous?
are you strong willed?
are you sometimes stubborn?
do you hate superficiality?
are you spiritual?
do you like the dark?
are you very passionate?
do you often love or hate things? no in between.
are you introverted?
do you like the scorpio glyph?
do you like the stones? topaz, black opal, obsidian, hematite, amber, etc
plants? black thorn, chrysanthemum, cactus, raspberry,vines/ivy, basil, etc
myths related? the phoenix, hades and persephone, shiva, the scorpion king
do you like the associated planets and their meanings [pluto, mars]
colors? black, dark red, violet, sea green
do you like the holiday that falls in scorpio? [halloween/samhain]
do you like the season scorpio is in?
do you ever wish you were another sign or element?
do you have any scorpio tattoos? or do you want one?
do you have any scorpio jewelry? or do you want some?
do you have any other scorpio stuff?
do you think scorpio is the best sign?