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Author: allwrongx
Created: September 4, 2010
Taken: 166 times
Rated: G

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You could cut ties with all the lies that you've been living in.

Created by allwrongx and taken 166 times on Bzoink
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Do you own a dreamcatcher?
What is the last thing that you bought for somebody else?
Opinions of That 70's Show?
Do you often find yourself talking to inanimate objects?
What was the last book that you read? Was it any good?
Have you seen the commercials for Fushigi?
Have you ever painted a room? What colour?
Which flavour of popsicle is the best?
Have you ever pantsed/been pantsed by someone?
Lava lamps; yay or nay?
Do you have the DVR feature with your cable?
How many drawers does your dresser have?
Who is the most opinionated person that you know?
Movie theater popcorn is better than microwave popcorn, right?
When was the last time that you caught lightnin' bugs?
Do you enjoy attending family reunions?
Have you ever been to a race track?
Is your closet a mess?
Have you ever read A Series Of Unfortunate Events?
Bobble-heads; yay or nay?
Which web browser do you use?
Do you still listen to CD's?
Do you comment on stupid things that characters do in books, out loud?
Have you ever seen the blade-less fans?
Why does the dog always die in the end of stories?
Have you ever silkscreened a tshirt?
What was your favourite cartoon growing up?
Al Capone should've paid his taxes, right?
If you put 'Count' in front of your name, then you'd be?
Have you ever solved a Rubix cube?
Did you ever have a rock collection?
Do you have a favourite bromance? From tv or a movie.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer; yay or nay?
Do you like The Offspring?
Are you a fan of delicious flavour?
Describe to me your favourite pair of pajama pants.
Do you find flea markets and thrift stores enjoyable?
What colour is your wallet?
Have you ever left a note in a book at a library or book store?
Do you tweet excessively?
Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire?
Can you play the drums?
Do you like those SkullCandy earphones?
Have you ever been somebody's photography subject?
Have you met amazing people online?
Would you be happy if I coloured a picture for you?
What show do you think MADE the 90's?
Have you ever called somebody a hot mess?
Orange Julius is godly, yes?
Has a music video ever given you the chills?
The Goonies or Stand By Me?
Who is your favourite Lord Of The Rings character?
Jimmy Eat World; yay or nay?
Do you think more than six impossible things before breakfast?
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Who taught/will teach you how to drive?
What was the last thing that you ordered online?
Do you have the emotional range of a teaspoon?
Have you ever given a 'World's Best Mom/Dad' mug?
Are you using headphones right now at this very moment?