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Author: rottenlotus
Created: September 3, 2010
Taken: 617 times
Rated: G

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Give me hand grenades, give me razor blades, give me anything to make the pain go away.

Created by rottenlotus and taken 617 times on Bzoink
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Do you have a common first name?
Do you like your middle name or your first name more?
What year would/did you turn 21?
What was popular when you were a kid?
Do you wear more rings or necklaces?
Have you ever been engaged?
Can you see your veins through your skin?
Do you have a certian song you sing aloud often?
Do you concern yourself with what's in?
Do you worry about having good grammar online?
Do you know anyone with a lazy eye?
Did your parents let you have pets when you were a kid?
Would you rather live in an apartment or a duplex?
Have you ever seen Boondock Saints?
Do you like spicy chips?
Do you have any 'different' keychains on your keys/purse?
Do you collect pins?
What band was on the last band t-shirt you wore?
Do you wear more pink or yellow?
What's the last movie you watched at a friend's house?
Have you ever been out of the state you were born in?
Do you have any tattoos on your arms?
Have you ever owned or known someone who owned a black cat?
When was the last time you felt jealous?
What's the last thing you bought besides food/drink?
What album is the last song you listened to from?
Do you know what the word lumiere means?
Do you own a tea pot?
Who scheduled your last doctor visit?
What's the last video game you played?
Do you have anything on your wrists right now?
Do you have any holiday theme'd socks?
What kind of accent do you have?
What's the last funny movie you watched?
Can you remember your parents' birthdays?
Is there anyone who you just absolutely cannot STAND being around?
What is the design on your shirt?
Do you know anyone who just flat-out fails at life?
Are you a Ghoulscout?
Do you know someone who's just always wrong about everything?
Do you make fun of people often?
Do you read your friend's surveys?
If you had to get a tattoo tomorrow, what would you pick?
How do you feel about band tattoos?
Do you know anyone with a glass eye?
How much are you willing to pay for a pair of sunglasses?
Did you have a GI Joe when you were a kid?
What is the origin of your last name?
Do you ever use the n-word?
What piercing do you like most on the opposite sex?
What brand of hair dye do you prefer to use?
What county do you live in?
Did/do you ride the bus to and from school?
Do you prefer beef, chicken or steak?
What is your salad dressing of choice?
Do you know anyone who's a really funny type of weird?
Do you make faces at certain people?
Is there something you won't let one of your friends live down?
Are you any good at applying make up?
Do you know anyone who's hair looks like a wig?
Do you misuse commas?
Have you ever bitten your dentist?
Are you someone who likes to make simple things difficult?
Who makes you laugh the most?