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Author: dinosaursgoesrawr
Created: August 28, 2010
Taken: 721 times
Rated: PG

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Journey Through Life: Music Shuffle

Created by dinosaursgoesrawr and taken 721 times on Bzoink
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Okay boys and girls! Here are the rules. Answer each question with the
title of the song. Please do not cheat. Enjoy! :D
Introduction song:
While your parents hit it off:
Your mom finds out she is pregnant:
Song during her pregnancy:
A description of your birth:
Your mother's first thought of you:
Your father's first thought of you:
Other's people thoughts of you:
Your birthday theme song:
Elementary theme song:
Theme song when you make new friends:
Theme song when you are bullied:
Theme song when you bullied people:
Middle school theme song:
Song when you have your first crush:
When you have a best friend:
When you fight with your parents:
What you scream at your parents:
What they scream at you:
When you fight with your best friend:
When your crush becomes your boyfriend/girlfriend:
Party theme song:
When you and your best friend are no longer friends:
When you make enemies:
High school theme song:
Waking up theme song:
Your first thoughts:
Bathroom theme song:
Thinking theme song:
Test theme song:
When you fail a class:
When you pass a class:
When you have a stalker:
When your ex bestfriend steals your boyfriend/girlfriend:
When you make up with your best friend:
When you are in stress:
When you are depressed:
When you are happy:
When you are angry:
When you graduate from high school:
When you go off to college:
When you date people:
When you and your date make love:
When you break up:
When you find your soul mate:
When you get a job:
When your best friend dies:
When you get a pet:
When you move in with your soul mate:
When you graduate from college:
When you have a job in your career:
Your song wi9th your soul mate:
When they/you propose:
Your thoughts:
Their thoughts:
You say:
Your wedding song:
When you make love in the honeymoon:
When you find out you're/your spouse is pregnant:
Your reaction:
Their reaction:
During pregnancy:
During the birth:
Your first thought on your child:
Your child's first birthday:
When they graduate from high school:
When they go off to college:
When you and your spouse travels the world:
When you become ill:
When your spouse becomes ill:
When your child(ren) become ill:
When your parents die:
When you are a grandparent:
When your spouse dies:
When you die:
Your death is described as:
Your funeral song:
People's opinion about you:
Ending of the story song: