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Author: blackrose13
Created: August 27, 2010
Taken: 40 times
Rated: G

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Longer Zodiac Survey

Created by blackrose13 and taken 40 times on Bzoink
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what's your birthdate and sun sign?
what's your moon sign?
what's your rising (ascendant) sign?
what element is your sun sign under?
what planets rule your sun sign?
what house is your sun sign in?
what quality? [fixed, muted, cardinal]
is it masculine or feminine?
what are some of your postiive sun sign traits?
do you think you match your sign? what ways match you?
in what ways are you not like your sign?
do you like your sun sign?
what do you like best?
is there anything you dislike?
is there any other sign you like more?
is there any other sign you think you are more like?
do you own any zodiac jewelry?
would you ever get a zodiac tattoo?
do you like your symbol? [ie crab, twins, lion etc]
do you like your glyph?
do you like your element?
do you know the mythology or legends behind your sign?
do you know what your constellation looks like?
how much do you know about astrology?
do you wish you knew more?
do you read your horoscope every day?
do you buy any yearly astrology almanacs?
do you know what signs you are compatible with [romantically]?
what about friendship wise?
do you check the signs of everyone you date?
what about all your friends?
are there any signs you don't get along with usually?
are there any signs you don't like?
do you know your opposite sign?
what do you think of that sign?
do you know your gemstone?
power stones?
key phrase?
associated colors?
associated animals?
associated flowers and herbs?
associated anatomy?
what your glyph is of?
the basic things ruled by your sign?
do you own any astrology books?
when did you first get into astrology?
do you really believe in it?
anything else you'd like to say?