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Author: sassybabexo
Created: August 25, 2010
Taken: 128 times
Rated: G

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& we're changing our ways, taking different roads.

Created by sassybabexo and taken 128 times on Bzoink
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-title lyrics from Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division.
Has your best friend ever had braces?
Tell me about the worst sunburn you’ve ever had.
What type of phones do your siblings have?
Are there any lakes near you?
Is there a lamp on in the room you’re in?
Do you like talking in gangster language?
Is there a careers guidance counsellor at your school?
If so, what is his or her name?
Do you have a Nintendo DS?
When you turn around, what catches your eye first?
Do you know anyone who wants to be a nurse when they’re older?
Can you do tag graffiti?
Is there a forest anywhere near you?
Describe the shirt you’re wearing.
Where is your phone?
What is your favourite flavour of chapstick?
Do you know anyone who works as an usher?
What is your science teacher’s name?
What song do you have in your head?
Are you waiting for anyone or anything right now?
Who was the last person you texted?
What did you say to him or her?
Use the word clock in a sentence.
^ sausage?
^ frog?
What’s the last movie you watched?
Do you know anyone by the name of Connor? What’s he like?
What colour underwear are you wearing?
Are you an only child?
Are there any skater kids at your school?
Do you have a trampoline?
Do you have a pool?
What about a hot tub?
When was the last time you walked home?
Where did you walk home from?
Do you read the facts at omg-facts.com?
Have you ever tried trimming your pubic hairs?
Sorry about that last question. My friend suggested it :/
Do you know anyone who’s done a traineeship or apprenticeship?
What type did they do?
Tell me about your neighbours.
Which American state would you love to visit?
Do you remember what breed of dog the last dog you saw was?
Turn on the radio, if you have one. Do you know the song that’s playing?
Do you know anyone of Indian heritage?
What do your parents do for a living?
Have you ever been the new kid at school?
Do you know who Adam Young is?
Do you know anyone with the surname Massie?
What sport do you play at school, if any?
What’s the best movie soundtrack you’ve heard?
Do your feet hurt?
Do you enjoy my surveys, or not? I hope you do :D
I work hard on these surveys, you know :]
Thanks for taking my survey :) Have a fantastic day xox.