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Author: eviemae
Created: August 23, 2010
Taken: 184 times
Rated: G

'cause love is just a dialogue; you can't survive on ice cream

Created by eviemae and taken 184 times on Bzoink
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A few random questions to start:
Give me a word that rhymes with your first name:
If you were in a band, which instrument would you like to play in it?
Which do you find more intriguing: the past or the future?
How did you find out exactly where it is that babies come from?
Who, in your opinion, is the most gorgeous person on Earth?
Did you wake up to a text from anybody today?
Do you have any posters on your bedroom walls?
Describe your perfect 3-course dinner: (starter, main, desert and drink)
Do you find parodies of songs funny?
What is your favourite song by Lady Gaga?
If you could have any pet in the world, what would you have?
What's a combination of two colours that you like?
Are you a good speller?
What is your opinion on Nicki Minaj?
This or that?
Blondes or brunettes?
Apples or oranges?
Stay in or go out?
Day or night?
Alcoholic or non-alcoholic?
Tea or coffee?
Comedy or drama?
Television or computer?
Kiss or hug?
Colour or black and white?
Darwinism or creationism?
Right wing or left wing?
Silence or noise?
Texting or calling?
Your favourites:
Film genre:
Cartoon character:
TV show:
True or false?
I am a male.
I like dance music.
I have brown eyes.
It's the summer.
I am single.
I have been fraped.
I love my friends.
I threw up last time I was drunk.
I miss somebody right now.
I think a lot before I go to sleep.
The only thing I seem to do is eat.
I think that war is a terrible thing.
There is a certain celebrity I find very attractive.
I have taken a bus in the past week.
What's your full name?
What's your date of birth?
What colour is your hair?
What colour are your eyes?
In which city do you live?
Do you have any siblings?
Do you get on with your parents?
How tall are you?
Do you currently have a job?
Are you overweight, underweight or neither?
Describe a typical outfit you'd wear:
What are your interests?
Do you have any hobbies?
Why are you taking this survey?
Can you...
...tie a knot in a cherry stick?
...make people laugh easily?
...play any instruments?
...hide your feelings well?
...hold back on your opinion?
...give lovebites?
...be manipulative?
...think, quickly?
Your past.
Did you go through any embarrasing phases?
What colours have your hair been?
What kind of clothes did you wear?
Did you do anything you regret?
Did you do anything you're pleased you did?
Where you much different from how you are now?
What was your favourite song when you were little?
Take me through a nice memory of yours:
How old were you when you had your first kiss?
How old were you when you had your first relationship?
Did you ever think you'd turn out how you have?
What were some interests you used to have that you don't now?
Did you like school?
Did you have any crushes on celebrities?
Your present.
What room are you in?
Are you wearing any make-up?
What else are you wearing?
Are you in a relationship?
Is anybody speaking to you? (online or in the real world)
Are you listening to music?
What are you thinking about?
Who would you like to see right now?
Is the TV on?
Is anything annoying you?
How are you temperature-wise?
What kind of emotions are you currently experiencing?
Is your hair up or down?
Where is your mother?
Your future:
What job do you want to have?
Describe the home you want to live in:
Where in the world do you want to live?
Is marriage a possibility?
How about kids?
If you did get married, who would you like to marry?
Where would you like to marry them?
How many kids would you want?
Any names that you may just name them with?
Do you want any pets?
Do you want to live a long life?
Do you worry about how you will look when you're older?
Will you try to stay youthful for as long as possible?
What will you think when you look back on your current self?
Almost there... just a few more questions.
How old would you say you act?
Any piercings or tattoos?
Ever get really hungry in the middle of the night?
Are you concidered an attractive person by others?
Are you a little conceited, or are you humble?
What's your sexual orientation?
How do you act when you're drunk?
Do you enjoy the feeling of being intoxicated?
Describe your perfect day:
What is one thing you could never live without?
Who is one person you could never live about?
Where is your phone?
Are you confident or shy?
Have you enjoyed this quiz?