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Author: ashleybayle
Created: August 17, 2010
Taken: 364 times
Rated: PG

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It's not enough, it never is, so I will go on until the end.

Created by ashleybayle and taken 364 times on Bzoink
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Are you currently listening to music?
When was the last time you went swimming?
Have you ever watched a meteor shower?
Is there something currently upsetting you?
The person who last spoke to you in person, what is their name?
The person who last texted you, tell me their name?
Is there something you need to accomplish soon?
Is it easy to get a job where you live?
Does coffee in the morning wake you up?
What/when is your graduating year?
Do you have a designated phobia?
What was your favorite class to take in school?
Is there a letter of the alphabet you like above all the rest?
Have you ever had a pixie cut?
Would you ever consider joining the Navy?
Is your signature legible?
Have you ever smashed your finger between two rocks?
Do you own a pair of SkullCandy earphones?
What's your opinion on people who put personal info as their statuses?
If the person you like/love proposed to you right now, you would say?
Are you satisified with your current camera?
Have you ever watched the miniseries "Band of Brothers"?
Has someone let you down recently?
The last person you kissed, have you spoken to them in the last 24 hours?
When was the last time you felt ignored?
Have you seen the movie Inception?
What is the last digit of your phone number?
Has someone you didn't even know gone out of their way to be rude to you?
Have you ever dated someone with red hair?
Is there a scar on your body that you can relate to a specific memory?
Does caffeine ever give you the shakes?
If someone handed you $300 spending money, what would you buy?
Do you have uncontrollable anger?
Have you yelled at someone recently?
Have you ever had a pregnancy scare?
The last conversation you had with someone online, was it important?
Do you think you could be a good marksman?
Is smoking an immediate turnoff to you?
Are your toenails currently painted?
How many pushups can you do, if any?
Have you ever taken a yoga class?
Notification emails from Facebook can get annoying, true?
If given the opportunity, would you legally change your name?
Has religion ever come between you and a friend or family member?
Do you own any records?
What is your academic average?
Is there a technology brand you prefer?
What was the last song that got stuck in your head?
Have you ever read a book that was over a thousand pages long?
Is your ancestry European?
Is there a foreign country that appeals to you?
Do you know the first word you spoke as a child?
Do you know anyone whose eyes seem to change color?
Have you ever had a friend who told a lot of white lies?
Do you have a specific talent you're known for?
Anything upcoming that you're not looking forward to?
Does anyone you know confuse the usage of "to" "too" and "two"?
Have you ever been to a ceildh?
When was the last time you cried because you were angry?
Do you crack your knuckles or any other part of your body?
What's your favorite flavor of flavored water, if any?
Do you like fish and chips?
Who was the last person you purposely avoided?
Do you or does anyone you know own an antique vehicle?
Has anyone ever called you "cold-hearted"?
Have you ever sat on a bale of hay?
Do you like blueberries?
Has anyone ever told you that you were worthless?
The last person you kissed, have you held their hand?
Would you consider yourself to be confident?
Is someone you know moving away any time soon?
Is your backyard big or small?
Are you right or left handed, or ambidexterous?
Can you see yourself in a mirror from where you're at?
If you jumped out the nearest window, would you live?
Have you ever heard the call of a loon?
Is there an animal that scares you?
Have you ever touched an elephant?
Have you ever been close to being nocturnal?
When you get blood tests, do you feel faint afterwards?
Do you know what color lipstick goes best with your complexion?
Do you think you will have a date for prom?
Your favorite TV show: is it over or still continuing?
Have you ever wandered around drunk at night?
Do you own anything that's real gold?
Are you any good at video games?
Are you afraid of being cheated on?
Do you know how to play poker?
Can you do the hula-hoop?
Is your face shape oval, heart shaped or square?
Where you live, the emergency number is 911, right?
Have you ever had to call this number?
Have you ever been in a play/musical?
Do you prefer white boards or chalk boards?
When was the last time someone asked you to go somewhere?
Have you ever been to an antique car show?
Do most of your friends have cell phones?
Is there a light on in the room you're in?
Is it anyone's birthday today that you know?
When was the last time you visited someone in a hospital?
Does anyone you know have a tongue that could rival Gene Simmons'?
Did you ever make your own website on piczo?
Are you currently happy with life?
Have you ever been the cause of an awkward silence?
Are you eating anything right now?
Do you have small wrists?
How many corners are there in the room you're in?
Have you ever captured a butterfly?
Who has the nicest eyes you know?
Be honest, do you currently miss someone?
Has an ex ever liked you when you were long over them?
Does the number 53 have any significance to you?
So... How about that weather?
That's all for now. Thanks for taking this. Remember to rate please. c: