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Author: sassybabexo
Created: August 15, 2010
Taken: 96 times
Rated: G

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I wish I broke mirrors instead of promises;;

Created by sassybabexo and taken 96 times on Bzoink
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-title lyric from Tidal Wave by Owl City.
Do you believe in ghosts?
What TV channel do you watch most?
When was the last time you saw a train?
Was anyone you love present on 9/11?
Can you see a smoke alarm from where youíre sitting?
Are there any words you have trouble saying?
Do you like Kanye West?
What did you last go outside for?
Do you own a lava lamp?
Have you ever had to make a toast at a wedding or anything?
Do you watch American Idol?
What does your fifth message on your phone say?
Who is it from?
What does the ninth message on your phone say?
Who is it from?
Have any of your friends ever passed away?
Do you like Fergie?
Is there anyone you really donít get along with?
Does your school have a uniform?
Does your family say prayers before meals?
Are you in Miami bitch?
What insect is your favourite?
Do you know who Sia is?
Do you have any Major League Baseball apparel?
Are you happy with your current phone?
Do you have any games on your phone? If so, which ones?
Do you know anyone with ADHD?
Have you got any pimples at the moment?
Can you touch a wall from where youíre sitting?
Do you watch Glee?
Do you like Australian accents?
When was the last time you went camping?
Was it in your backyard? ;)
Have you ever/do you have braces?
Tell me someone you know with an unusual name.
Do you know anyone with fake hair extensions?
Do you enjoy Christmas fruit cake? I donít.
Have you ever been to your stateís capital city?
Do you know how to braid hair?
Is your gym teacher a nut?
Can you make a good hot chocolate?
Have you ever played totem tennis?
Do you have any song in your head right now?
What did you last use the microwave for?
Do you watch Ren and Stimpy?
When was the last time you took out the trash?
Do you have a hot tub?
Is anyone in your family completely evil?
What is one of your guilty pleasures?
Do you listen to Yellowcard? <3
Do you agree that TV late at night gets rather creepy?
Are you jealous of rich people?
Do you know of any dogs with ridiculous names?
Thanks for taking my survey :) Have a fantastic day xox.