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Author: amiejazmin
Created: August 13, 2010
Taken: 108 times
Rated: G

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My House.

Created by amiejazmin and taken 108 times on Bzoink
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Is your House Big?
Is your House in the Suburbs?
How many Floors does your House have?
*Living Room*
How many couches and/or loveseats are in there?
How many Chairs?
Is there a Coffee Table in there?
How about a flat screen TV?
Is it the first room you walk in to?
How many Living Rooms do you have?
How many Chairs are at the table?
How many appliances are in there?
What colour are the appliances? Black or White?
Are their granet counter tops?
Is there a Dish Washer?
How big is the Fridge?
Are the Washer and Dryer in there?
*Your Room*
About how big is your room?
What size of bed do you have? Twin, Double etc.
What colour are the walls or is there wallpaper?
Is there a walk in closet?
How many Dressers are there?
What design are your bed sheets?
Do you hang Posters in your Room?
Is there any electronics in your room? Tv, Computer etc.
How many Bathrooms are there?
How big is the main Bathroom?
What colour are the walls in most of them?
Is there a Bathroom in your room?
Which Bathroom do you use the most?
How many trees are in your Backyard?
Is there a Pool there?
How about a Trampoline?
Is there a huge Garden?
Is there a Big shed?
*House Questions*
How long have you been living in there?
What year was your house built in?
What colour is your house?
*End Questions*
Why did you take this Survey today?
How long did it take you to fill out this Survey?
Did you enjoy this Survey?
Will you ever take a survey from me again?
Are you going to post this Survey on a myspace, facebook etc. page?
Thank You for taking this Survey!! Have a great day!