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Author: alexinvader
Created: July 28, 2010
Taken: 82 times
Rated: PG

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Created by alexinvader and taken 82 times on Bzoink
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Hello :] what's your name?
if you had three wishes what would you wish for?
who do you truely trust the most?
have you ever seen a panda?
are you single? :]
have you ever been heart broken?
do you have a bestfriend?
if you had a rocketship what planet would you visit?
do you think Haley Williams is hot?
out of CUNT and DOUCHE which word do you use the most?
Whats your favorite movviee?
do you like Nights or Mornings?
are you a freak? ;O
how many MANLY pellows do you sleep with ;3?
would you have sex with FLAVORFLAVE to save your mothers life O_O?
if you had the chance to SLAP Kanye West,,,, would you :O?
do you fight for what you lovvee?
do you listen to All Time Low?
if you had a ticket to go anywhere in the WORLD where would you go?
do you watch BEN10?
how about any anime?
i dun like Alesana, do you?
you have to be any insect with wings, what insect are you?
whats your favorite thing to do while home.. ALONE?
do you watch Porn?
have you ever been to Pornhub.com?
whats a funny nickname your friends or family call you?
have you ever read a sexxxxxxy story?
do you know who Destery Moore is?
whats your favorite sex position?
are you a gewd kisser?
wheres your favorite place to be kissed?
do you get high?
do you drink??
how old are you!
Do You Masterbate?
does your grandmother call you a Vampire?
have you ever ridden a horse!?
do you have AIM? if so you should add me as a buddie :3
have you ever been so high you just felt like you were on top of the world!
do you listen to Dance Gavin Dance?
My cousins in that band, he's the Guitarist :3
have you ever mixed your 2 favorite kinds of sodas together! :D i do
do you go to raves?
how do you feel right about now?
do you play Guitar?
do you know anyone with the last name'Trinkle'?
if you had to kill one person in the whole entire world who would it be?