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About This Survey

Author: lunaeclipse
Created: July 25, 2010
Taken: 36 times
Rated: G

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Pet Survey

Created by lunaeclipse and taken 36 times on Bzoink
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Little bit about yourself
What is your name?
What is your gender?
What is your age?
About Pets and Animals
First of all, do you like pets?
What is your favorite pet?
What is your least favorite pet?
Are you an animal lover?
Do you subscribe to an animal magazine?
If so list 'em
Do you donate to a animal foundation or, a animal shelter?
If so, list 'em
Do you spoil your pet?
Do you discipline your pet?
Do you give your pet luxury stuff, or just regular stuff?
Do you buy from a pet store, specialty store, doctor, or grocery store?
Do you like dogs?
Do you have any dog(s)?
What are their breed(s)?
What are their name(s)?
What are their age(s)?
Are they an inside, or outside dog?
What brand of dog food do you give them?
Do they have toys?
Do they have their own bed?
Do you groom them yourself, or do you take them to a groomer?
Have you ever taken them to a dog park?
Have you ever taken them to a dog beach?
Have you been to a dog show?
Have you entered them in a dog show before?
Is your dog AKC or UKC recognized?
Have you won a dog show?
Is your dog a champion, if he/ or she is, what is his/ or her Kennel name?
Do you like cats?
Do you have any cat(s)?
What are their name(s)?
What are their breed(s)?
Do you have any scratching posts for them?
Do you have plastic on the furniture?
Do you bathe your cat(s)?
Do you give them treats?
Are they inside or outside cat(s)?
Are any of your cat(s) declawed?
Do you think it's OK to declaw a cat?
Have you been to a cat show?
Have you entered your cat(s) in a cat show?
What brand of food do you give your cats?
Do you like fish?
Do you have any fish?
Do you name your fish?
How many gallons is your fish tank?
About how many fish do you have?
Do you have a saltwater, or freshwater tank?
Do you prefer a saltwater tank or a freshwater tank?
Do you like colorful fish?
Do you have anything for them to swim through?
Did you get them from a specialty store or just a regular pet store?
Do you have any coral or live plants in your fish tank?
Do you like to decorate it?
Do you have any specialty fish, like piranhas, crabs, lobsters, or eels?
Do you like any rodents?
Do you have any rodents?
What are they?
What are their name(s)?
Do you give them any treats?
Do you let them run free occasionally?
Do they have any toys?
Do you like reptiles?
Do you have any reptiles?
Have you scared anyone with your reptile?
Do you like amphibians?
Do you have any amphibian(s)?
What are they?
What are their name(s)?
Do you like birds?
Do you have any bird(s)?
What kind are they?
What are your bird(s) names?
Can they talk?
Do you give them fruits or vegetables?
Do you hang them outside at all?
Do you let them fly free at all?
Do they like music?
If they do, do they sing or whistle to it?
Do you clip their wings?
Do they have a big or small cage?
Did you get your bird from a pet shop or a specialty store?
Have you ever heard of the Magnolia Bird farm?
(Magnolia Bird Farm is awesome!)
(They're cheep, and ship birds and bird food.)
Do you like exotic pets?
Do you have any exotic pet(s)?
Have you ever wanted an exotic pet?
Do you think it's wrong to have an exotic pet?
What are your exotic pet(s)?
What are their name(s)?
Animal Shelter
Do you have an animal shelter near by?
Are they a regular shelter, or a no-kill shelter?
Don't you think its sad all those animals are abandoned?
Have you gone to an animal shelter?
Do you visit it often?
Have you saved an animal from the shelter?
Have you saved one that was just gunna be put down?
Doesn't it make you feel good to know you saved an animal? :)
Do you believe your pets should be spayed or neutered?
Would you rather get a pet from a shelter, breeder or pet store?
Do you have a "shelter adoption" policy?
Lastly, do you love your pet(s)?