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Author: ashleybayle
Created: July 18, 2010
Taken: 381 times
Rated: PG

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To hell with my pride, let it fall like rain from my eyes, tonight I wanna cry.

Created by ashleybayle and taken 381 times on Bzoink
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Are you content with the current weather?
Do you own many pairs of shorts?
Is there a place you'd rather be right now?
When was the last time you were disappointed?
Do you miss someone right now?
Have you ever taken a close up shot of a flower?
Is there an article of clothing you need to buy right now?
When was the last time you had alcohol?
Do you feel like you just need to be with friends and relax?
Is there a situation you currently feel hopeless about?
When was the last time you wanted to do something, but couldn't?
When was the last time you sang out loud to yourself?
Are you one to often make typos?
On a hot day, would you rather prefer ice cream or a popsicle?
Have you ever wanted to get drunk and get your mind off everything?
Who was the last person you texted?
Is there a fan going in the room you're in?
When was the last time you felt like letting it all out and having a cry?
Do you feel you're fighting a losing battle?
Have you played cards recently?
Is there a band you like with amazing music but a bad vocalist?
Is there a certain song you like to headbang to?
When was the last time you had a headache?
Does pizza sound good to you right now?
Have you ever relied on coffee to keep you awake?
Do you sleep well during the summer?
Anything you might be giving up on soon?
Have you ever captured a moth?
Does long grass irritate your bare legs?
Will you be going to the beach anytime soon?
Have you ever made any kind of video?
When was the last time someone made you feel like an idiot?
Do you have sympathy for others when they're upset?
Are you one of those people who can't dance but love to anyway?
Is there a band/artist who has strange lyrics but you love them anyway?
Have you ever been to New York?
Is there a song you used to like but are annoyed of now?
Does your optimism sometimes hurt you?
Have you ever had a premonition?
Are you dying to see someone very soon?
When was the last time you wore earrings?
Are you currently saving for anything?
How many pairs of heels do you own?
Has it thundered lately?
Have you ever gotten stitches?
Do you need to repaint your nails right now?
Are you having one of those lazy days?
Do you have any plans for the next week?
Has today been a good day?
When was the last time you changed your picture on Facebook?
What do you do to cool down on a normal hot day?
Have you ever felt something was slipping through your fingers?
Describe three emotions you're feeling right now.
Do you have a brand of deoderant you prefer?
Would you consider yourself to be physically strong?
Have you ever painted a piece of furniture?
If you could change something about your life right now it would be:
Are you currently confused about anything?
Do you have a really fat cat?
Have you ever kissed someone who's first name started with B?
Do your initials spell a word?
What is the closest red object to you right now?
Do you currently have your cellphone in your pocket?
Do you tend to laugh at people's drunken pictures?
When was the last time you questioned someone's intelligence?
Do you have a favorite quote?
Do you believe the fortunes in fortune cookies?
When was the last time you went to a playground?
Are you one to give 'thumbs up' to people?
Do you ever call your cellphone when you've lost it, in order to find it?
Do you know someone who's blatantly sarcastic?
What's your signature funny face?
Have you ever made a business card for yourself?
Have you ever had an idea that you just couldn't put on paper?
Do you own a pool?
What do you prefer more: waffles or pancakes?
What was the last thing you took a picture of?
Are you going on vacation?
Do you have a favorite curse word in a different language?
Can you stand drinking vodka staight up or do you have to mix it?
Have you ever spun around until you got dizzy and fell?
Don't you hate those games that expire and try to make you buy them?
Do you have a specific phobia?
Did you love playing hide and seek as a kid?
There's nothing wrong with dreaming, right?
Are there any recipes you have memorized?
Do you know your multipication times tables?
Do you have a favorite font on the computer?
Have you skipped class?
Do your parents allow you to have your privacy?
Do you have a friend who is rather quiet?
Are you able to swim?
Is your hair tied up or down on your shoulders?
Have you ever used your iPod as a mirror?
When it comes to shapes, do you prefer stars or hearts?
Are you good at creating logos?
How about catch phrases?
Have you ever been told you're good at imitations?
Got plans after you finish this?
Do you fold your paper in half or quarters?
Have you ever been severely burned?
Is there a song that seems to have been written just for you?
Have you ever heard of Free Hugs?
Do you have multiple email addresses?
Has there been someone you couldn't stop thinking about lately?
Did you ever dream that you had a baby?
Are you a visual learner?
Have you ever gone snowshoeing?
Do you or anyone you know have a rabbit?
What was the weirdest thing you ever saw cross the road?
Are you good at coming up with jokes?
Have you ever stepped on a tac?
Are your legs loaded with scars from your childhood?
Have you ever skinned your knees, elbows, and hands all at the same time?
If someone paid you $1,000,000, would you dye your hair electric blue?
Do you have wireless internet?
What was the last thing you cooked on the BBQ?
That's all I can think of for now. Au revoir mon amis!