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Author: vandalisedsheep
Created: July 16, 2010
Taken: 150 times
Rated: PG

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Eat it

Created by vandalisedsheep and taken 150 times on Bzoink
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When was the last time somebody punched you?
When was the last time you punched somebody?
When was the last time you were slapped?
When did you last slap somebody?
How much water do you think you have drank today?
What was the last thing you watched on TV?
why were you last dissapointed?
Do you owe any money currently?
When did you last cook?
When did you last bake?
When did you last have a blast from the past?
Ever had an ex say "I miss you" five or more years after you split up?
What's the weirdest last name you ever heard?
Do you own a stapler?
Have your wisdom teeth broken through yet?
When did you last feel sick?
Do you know why you felt sick last time you did?
When was the last time somebody was completely dependant on you?
Have you ever been called "irritating" or similar?
Have you ever looked back on old blogs, diaries etc?
If yes, how does that make you feel?
Do you hate it when people are overly melodramatic?
Do you have a favourite comedy series?
Ever watched an entire series of that back to back? (Assuming you have one)
Why did you last buy a greetings card?
What was the last present you bought?
When were you last feeling REALLY impatient?
Do you do surveys when you're feeling really impatient to try and kill time
Or take them for that matter?
What was the last thing that made you laught out loud?
Please share the joke (if you can) I need a laugh :)
Do you like Monty Python?
Why did you last use WD-40?
Why did you last use any other lubrication?
Are you very good at dealing with emotional people?
Do you feel comfortable when people try to cry on your shoulder?
Do you like fish? (Live ones)
Do you like dead fish...I mean for eating, not anything else...
Do you like cooking?
Do you own a camcorder?
do you need to find your USB cord?
Do you like Marmite?
Why did you last quit a job?
How did you get your last bruise? (If you know..)
Would you like a bath right about now?
Do you have any dried flowers in your home?
What was the last expensive thing you broke?