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Author: guttaxchiqkx3
Created: July 10, 2010
Taken: 126 times
Rated: G

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I'm My Own Next Victim, I Want You To Know [Are We Alike?]

Created by guttaxchiqkx3 and taken 126 times on Bzoink
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Yes, I made one too. (: True or False, Yes Or no, Explanations. Idgaf.
You like techno
You have more than 100 Cd's
You've been mentally abused
You've got some sort of trusting people
You're insanely shy
You dont like showing your feelings to people
You have to see a counselor every week
You wish you lived in Canada
Photography amazes you
You love reading
You hate playing sports, but you like watching it.
You graduated High School this year (:
You're very optimistic
You hate being corrected
You're extremely afraid to die
You've got to go to the Vans Warped Tour this year :))
You've been to a mental hospital more than once.
You like watching random videos on YouTube
You like mix matching your socks :]
You listen to bands a lot of people haven't heard of
You suck at making surveys xD
You hate when people ignore you for no reason
You hate drama
You're very stubborn
You're terrified of bugs
You wish you could have an English accent
You get amused really easily
You think internet fights are funny x]
You don't like meeting new people
You wear Converse<3
You love soda
You are getting really bored of this survey
Youre 17
You were born in February
You love funny people <3
You love the Boston Red Sox
You hate being called on in class
You get embarrased very easily
You were born in Massachusetts
You suck at guessing things
You swear way to much
Your parents threatened to kick you out more than once >.>
You like arguing with people
You have a car
You lost someone really important in your life
You stink at word games.
You hate going out in public
You love texting.
You've been arrested for breaking an entry
You love swimming
You think those rubber band shaped things is one of the most pointless
Inventions . Sorry boutt that.^
You went to prom with youre best friend :D
You like writing
You suck with money
You straighten your hair every day.
You've gotten high before
You've gotten drunk before
You're tired of this survey, Just like I am. (: Save? :D