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Author: scream
Created: July 9, 2010
Taken: 31 times
Rated: G

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Dadadola February.

Created by scream and taken 31 times on Bzoink
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List these apple types from greatest to worst: green, red, yellow.
Was the last thing you bought on sale? Did you buy it because it was?
If you had to step on a spider or wasp, which one would you step on?
What do you usually quote about?
Tell me a funny fact about love.
Now tell me something you'd think a French person would say.
What's grosser: a brain splitting into two or a heart splitting into two?
Do you say buck or dollar more? What does buck even mean?
What is a guilty pleasure you have with Disney?
In your opinion, what is the worst abuse: mental or physical?
Are you better at fighting with words in real life or online?
How long do you think an average hourglass lasts?
Hey, did you know that PIE backwards is 3.14?
Do you know any celebrity that looks like Justin Bieber?
^ Ellen Page. Hahaha.
Any thoughts on Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance?
If you have a Nintendo DS, do you have Animal Crossing on it?
On YouTube, who are two people you find hilarious?
Is wrapping gifts a bitch? Do you even know how to wrap a gift properly?
What's a better object to kill with: a Barbie doll or a book?
If you listen to Coldplay, what is your favorite song from them?
Do you have any habits that include your hair?
Ever thought about being a secretary? Why or why not?
If you had to eat only one protein food, what would it be?
Name a film that has *too* much screaming.
How often do you use a spell checker?
If you got critique for your grammar, would it be good or bad critique?
Why does critique even have a freakin' q?
Do you consider fire drills fun at your school? Why or why not?
Can your purse be labeled as comfortable portability?
Who is more compulsive: your mother or father?
Whenever looking at a receipt, what do you usually look for?
Would you lie for a friend even if it might ruin your reputation with love?
If you had to live in a palace, what would be the colour scheme?
Does your cellphone have an alarm, a timer *and* a stopwatch?
Have you ever Rick Roll'd someone? If so, what did they say afterwards?
Do you like saying 'mortality' whenever playing Mortal Kombat?
Any thoughts on the people who act like a smartass in surveys?
When I say 'mounting,' what do you first think of?
What do you consider a win-win?
Do you prefer poems that basically have 'thou' in every line?
Have you ever been a mummy for Halloween? Why or why not?
Do you pick up pennies on the ground or flip them over for the next person?
Hair wise, do you use a blow dryer or do you like air drying?
Do you remember the reactions people gave you when you had the chicken pox?