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Author: if-i-fall-down
Created: July 8, 2010
Taken: 51 times
Rated: G

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Can you guess what band does each of these songs?

Created by if-i-fall-down and taken 51 times on Bzoink
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Die Romantic, I Set My Friends on Fire, Knife Blood Nightmare
Freakish, At Your Funeral, Eulogy
Note to Self, Deliverance!, Waltz Moore
Dez Moines, Hey John What's Your Name Again, Goats on a Boat
Can't Be Saved, Bite to Break Skin, Rum is for Drinking Not Burning
Face Down, Justify, Misery Loves its Company
Helena, Famous Last Words, I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
Ohio is for Lovers, Silver Bullet, This is Who we Are
Writings on the Wall, Reinventing Your Exit, When the Sun Sleeps
Angel in the Swamp, Anthem of Our dying Day, Razorblades
Guys Like You Make us Look Bad, Pray, To Hell and Back
Ocean and Atlantic, Miserable at Best, Walk on Water or Drown
Miss Murder, The Killing Lights, Girl's Not Grey
Follow and Feel, Changing, It's Far Better to Learn
A Candllit Dinner with Inamorta, A Prophecy, Hey There Mr. Brooks
House of Cards, Through the Pain, Welcome to Oblivion
Expired in Goreville, Whos Sandie Jenkins, A Letter from Janelle
Black and Blue, Off the Heezay, Chelsea Smile
Paris in Flames, How Long is the Night, Cross Out the Eyes
Have Faith In Me, 1958, Fast Forward to 2012
One Step at a Time, This Body Pays the Bill$, Enemy of the World
Everything We Had, You Might Have Noticed, Lax to O'Hare
The Secret Goldfish, 8th Grade, Yesterday
The Weakest, As Your Voice Fades, Under Serious Attack
Paper Wings, Give it all, Drones
Everything is alright, Pulp Fiction, Disappear
Reverse this Curse, Situations, The Flood
Basket Case, American Idiot, Minority
Letters to You, What it is to Burn, Perfection Through Silence
Ghost Man on Third, Bike Scene, MakeDamnSure
The Taste of Regret, Live Love Die, Once is Enough
The Only Medicine, Star-Crossed, The World as we Know It
Born Dead, Giving Up, Last Days of Summer
According to Colombus, This isn't the End, Eva the Carrier
Epiphany, Battle Royal, The Only Rule is there are No Rules
Box Full of Sharp Objects, I Caught Fire, Empty with You
Apology, The Thespian, Congratulations I Hate You
Knife VS Face Round 1, Marietta, In Vogue
All the Rage, The End of Nothing, Juneau
Nightmares Win 6-0, We Got to Eleven, the art of Sharing Lovers
The Kill, Beatiful Lie, From Yesterday
Dreams, We are the Reasons, To Plant a Seed
Pain, A Sunday, Hear You Me
Mother Nature is a Terrorist, if She Only Knew, Blue Morning
Bleeding Mascara, the Crimson, The Theft
Williamsburg, Hold the Door, Snow Globe
Swing Swing, Dirty Little Secret, Your Star