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Author: luang
Created: July 4, 2010
Taken: 44 times
Rated: PG

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Don't feel alone -

Created by luang and taken 44 times on Bzoink
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If you could fly, would you fly away?
Who was your idol when you was a kid?
Are you addicted to anything? What?
What's your haircolour?
Are you single?
Are you pale?
Do you have any scars? How did you get them?
Do you respect yourself?
Do you read any magazines?
Do you always do your homework?
Describe your mom. ~
Do you believe in god?
What would you do billion dollars and you had to spend it before midnight?
Do you like how you look?
Have you ever broken the law?
Have you ever been out of country?
Would you kill a kitten if got a million dollars for it?
Have you been to any concerts?
Facebook or Myspace? ..
Don't you get annoyed when people think Japan is heaven?
What hairspray do you use?
Do you read any blogs?
What do you think about the mainstream?
What song have you listened to the most the last days?
Have you seen twilight? Do you like it or hate it?
What do you like about yourself?
Are you obsessed with someone or something?
What's your dream?
Do you like Christina Aguileras new album?
Who was the hottest actor in the last movie you saw?
What do you fear?
What do you wish you had?
Do you regret anything you've done?
Do you have twitter?
Could you live on salad for a week?
What do you wanna work as?
How's the weather today?
How often do you eat pancakes?
Do you have any habits?
What do you think about gay marriage?
Do you think bisexuality is just a trend?
What kinda movies do you like?
Do you like icecream alot?
Does it hurt somewhere right now?
Do you rather sneeze or cough?