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Author: vandalisedsheep
Created: July 2, 2010
Taken: 92 times
Rated: PG

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Why is my ear itching so much? :/

Created by vandalisedsheep and taken 92 times on Bzoink
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When did you last run and why?
Does your house/flat/what ever the hell you live in need cleaning?
When did you last have a real good sort out/tidy up?
What turns you on most (if anything) about the opposite sex?
What turns you on most (if anything) about the same sex?
Would you rather live with a man or a woman?
Do your ears ever itch like crazy for no apparent reason? :|
Do you enjoy cooking?
How often do you eat out/order in/consume convenience food?
What are you having for dinner tonight? (If you've decided yet that is.)
When did you last have people round for dinner?
Do you like entertaining?
Is there anything you're pedantic about? What is it?
How often do you read?
Reccomend a good book (in your opinion) please:
Do you have any payments that need to be made soon?
Do you have any phone calls you need to make?
When did you last buy soap?
Are you a nail biter?
Do you play with your hair a lot?
Last time you ate out, what did you order?
Do you have any dependants?
Are you currently saving up for something?
Do you like it when you get pins and needles?
How about when you bang your "funny bone?" :-s
What's your body temperature, right now?
Was your last relationship with a man or a woman?
Are you currently in a relationship?
Do you ever play the "what if" game?
When did you last eat cereal?
Don't you just hate bullies, kids can be real wankers, agreed?
Adults can be pretty mean too I suppose...
What do you think your next achievment will be?
Are you thirsty?
Do you love getting all hot and sweaty from certain activities?
Do you like having your hair pulled? (If you have any)
Do any of your clocks/watches need new batteries?
When was the last time you did some real physical activity?
What is the smallest object close to you?
When will you next have a bath?
When will you next go swimming?
When was the last time you were really horny and could do nothing about it?
What does your hair smell like currently? (If you have any!)
Do you know how to navigate your way through a PC using only the keyboard?
My nose is itching now as well as my ears, does your nose currently itch?