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Author: -babyqurl
Created: July 1, 2010
Taken: 1 times
Rated: G

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So Thats Whatss Up.

Created by -babyqurl and taken 1 times on Bzoink
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Hi, Whats Yhur Namee?
How 0ld Are Yhuu?
Where Where Yhuu Bornn?
Where Do Yhuu Livee Noww?
Do Yhuu Lykee It There?
Is It Bigg?
What Doee Yhuu Do There?
What Is Yhur 0pinion 0n Skateboarding?
Whats Yhur Favorite Color?
Least Favorite?
When Was The Last Time Yhuu Went To The Hospital?
Who Do Yhuu Miss Right Noww?
Lovee Themm?
Favorite Songg?
Favorite Genre 0f Songss?
Have A Boyfraan 0r Girlfraan?
They're Name? / 0r/ Do Yhuu Lyke Shoppingg?
Lyke Photography? iiDoee.
Yhuu Any Cool?
In Pain Right Now? iiAm..Tummiiee..
Marijuanaa Shouldd Be Legalized?'
Yhuu Doee Anyy Drugss?
Namess Foee Futuree Kidss?
Thinkk Im Lameee Nigggaa?' [:
Doee Yhuu Lykee Makeupp? /0r/ Doee Yhuu Lykee Girls Wearinn Makeupp?
Doee Bubbless Make Yhur Lyfee Happierr?