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Author: mia645
Created: June 29, 2010
Taken: 187 times
Rated: R

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Questions People Never Seem To Ask?

Created by mia645 and taken 187 times on Bzoink
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The FIVE Stages Of Affection
Ever held hands with someone?
Hugged someone?
Kissed anyone?
Have you had sex?
Let's Get More Personal
Ever had phone sex?
Text Sex?
Have you seen sexting pictures?
Ever cyber anyone?
Ever thought about oral sex?
Anal Sex?
Ever had a friends with benefits?
Ever thought of having a threesome?
Touching on my *beep*- 3OH!3
Ever been felt up?
Wanted to be felt up?
Ever touched boobs?
A Dick?
Ever thought of having to finger someone?
Kinky stuff
Would you ever use food in sex play?
What about whipcream?
More Personal
Ever wanted to see a girl masturbate?
With her hand?
A Dildo?
Ever seen to a guy get hard?
Just some random questions
Do you like being surprised?
Would you like surprising your partner?
What about from behind?
Most awkward place to think about sex?
Most awkward place to talk about sex?
Just the basic
Male or Female?
What are you looking for?
How old are you?
Ever asked a guy how long their junk is?
Ever asked how big a girls boobs are?
Has anyone ever interrupted you when you were taking care of yourself?
Do you know what I mean by "taking care of yourself"?
Are you flirt?
Are you a good one?
Are you a seducer?
Ever flirted with your friend's ex?
A Friend?
Someone not your type?
Total stranger?
The Interweb
Ever flirted with someone online?
Ask for their number?
Ask for a pic?
Have you ever?
Liked the manwhore/whore?
Liked the nice guy?
Been cheated on?
Been the Cheater?
Dated someone on and off?
Asked if you got tested?
Almost there...
What is your shortest relationship?
Ever been close to getting married?
Ever Had a Serious Relationship?
Ever been the rebound?
Can you name all your past relationships?
Ever had flings?
Do you like having your hair pulled on the head of the moment?
Are you a cuddler?
Do you tend to like the wrong people?