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Author: polishgurl
Created: June 23, 2010
Taken: 88 times
Rated: G

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Super long surveys for super bored people

Created by polishgurl and taken 88 times on Bzoink
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what is your name?
what is your last name?
what is yur moms name?
what is your dads name?
do you have a brother or sister?
if so write their names :]
do you have a pet?
what kind? if you dont have one write one u want to get
what is its name/what would u want to name it
what country do u live in?
city or farm?
where would your dream house be at?
what is your fave movie?
which movie do you hate the most?
wat is the s cariest horrow movie u watched?
During what movie did u cry at?
what movie do u want to watch?
which movie theare is the best
what is your fave food?
what is the most disgusting food?
best food to eat during movie?
what is your fave fast food restaurant?
which store makes he best pizza?
who has the best burgers?
u like harry potter?
which twilight movie is so far the best?
This or that?
drama or horror?
m&m's or skittles?
McDonalds or burger king?
wendy's or taco bell?
Domino's or papa john's
team jacob or team edward??
lil wayne or T.I.?
L.A. or las vegas?
chicago or new york?
black or white?
burgers or hot dogs?
hockey or soccer?
FIFA or Stanley Cup
volleyball or soccer?
math or reading?
science or s.s.?
beyonce or tyra banks?
eric or kathy?