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Author: painted-skylines
Created: June 22, 2010
Taken: 259 times
Rated: G

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Swallow a drop of gravel and blacktop 'cause the road tastes like Wintergreen

Created by painted-skylines and taken 259 times on Bzoink
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How many piercings do you have, and where?
What color are your eyes?
And hair?
Does orange look good on you? Can you pull it off?
What do you do when it storms and the power's out all night?
What do you do with yourself when you're at the beach?
Are you shy, or no?
Have you ever been to St. Augustine?
Have you ever been to Ocala?
Have you ever just been to Florida?
What about Indiana?
Are you nosey?
Do you ''pry''?
Why does everyone hate Justin Bieber so much?
What's your favorite commercial?
Do you find me annoying, yet?
Who has the prettiest eyes you've ever seen?
When's the last time you pulled an all-nighter?
What were you doing?
Purple on guys; Yes, or no?
Do you like Boys Like Girls?
Do you actually try everything on before you buy it?
Do you ever actually check the price?
What's your favorite candle scent?
Have you ever known anyone with a dog blind in one eye?
You do, now. Sortof.
Have you ever been friends with a forgein exchanged student?
Was it sad when they went back to... wherever they came from?
Have you ever been given any sort of ring?
Do you know anyone that works at a tattoo shop?
If you HAD to get a tattoo, what would it be, and where?
Do you own any lockets or charm bracelets?
The last dress you were in; What'd it look like?
Do you watch Pretty Little Liars?
What's your favorite nickname of yours?
What's one of yours that you HATE?
Maple or hazelnut flavoring?
What's your favorite Coke product?
What's the brand of your cell-phone, and the color?
What's your favorite body-part on the opposite sex?
Are you now, or have you ever been, a cheerleader?
Have you heard any of Eminem's new Recovery songs?
Favorite song lyrics;
Watergun or water-balloon war?
Have you ever watched Ugly Betty?
Would running into your ex right now be painful?
What's the most annoying sound, ever?
Are you typo-proned?
How do you feel about Lady GaGa?
Are the rumors about her true?
Are you friends with any ''trolls''?
What would you get a boyfriend for his 17th birthday?
Does your hair have a mind of it's own?
Is Dane Cook really all that funny? I don't think he is.
Do you watch Glee?
Do you ever shop at Fredflare.com?
Do you happen to know anyone named Matty? (Matthew or Matt will suffice)
What's he like?
Are you always hyper?
Do you know anyone that's afraid of elevators?
Do you like country music?
Y'know. Like, ''my mule left me for my sheepdog''; that sorta thing
Do you know any scenesters?!??
Has any guy ever forgotten your name so often and exclusively that he just
started calling you ''girl''?
Did you have to have braces for awhile, too? :[
Kisses on your cheek, or forehead?
When's the last time you wore facepaint? What'd it look like?
Do you still have a teddy-bear lying around somewhere?
Are you a deep-thinker?
Are you a good-speller?
Do you over-analyze everything, like me?
Have you ever rode on the back of a moped?
Do like Frank Sinatra?
What about Cap'n Jazz?
Is there anything in your room that belongs to a boyfriend, or a friend of
the opposite sex?
What's the brand of the computer or laptop that you're on?
Are you sitting on your bed? Or a spinny chair??
Anyone you can't get off your mind?
Have a ''bone to pick'' with anyone?
What does love feel like?
Who's your favorite Beatle?
Does it annoy the hell out of you when people smoke around you?
Do you like guys with long-ish hair?
How do you talk when you're drunk?
Have you ever texted an ex whilst drunk? How'd that go?
What do you order at Starbucks?
Penn Station or Subway?
People with addictions are weak. Brutal truth, or ''falsies''?
Do you expect more from people than you'd be willing to do for them?
Do you have a ''gunkle'', like me? [:
The underwear you're wearing right now; Describe it.
When's the last time you were on a swing?
Whose hand did you last squeeze?
Have you ever actually tied string around a finger?
Wouldn't that be difficult?
Have you ever been in a cornfield with a boylyfriend? (:
Does baby talk annoy you?
What's the last thing you wrote (or drew) on yourself?
Can you walk straight in heels?
Do you like Eskimo kisses?
When's the last time you sat (or did anything, I guess) on a rooftop?
Have you ever heard anyone call kissing ''swappin' spit''?
Do you have to stand on your tip-toes to kiss your boyfriend?
Or, have you had to before?
Think about your ex. Just do it. How do you feel?
When's the last time you lied in bed with the opposite sex. Who was it?
Have you ever been tackle-hugged? (:
Have you ever been tackle-hugged into a pool with all your clothes on?
Do you own any heart-shaped glasses?
Do you have any photographs on your walls?
Do you own an Ugly Doll? [:
Do you overuse :)s, like me?
Do you overuse the word ''like'', or ''amazing''?
Do you have any crowns?
Brunette dudes with bleach blonde hair are utterly unattractive. Yes?
Is there anyone that you ''see yourself in'', so to speak?
What'd you last use scissors for?
Have you ever rejected someone's kiss before?
How well'd that go over with him? (Or her, I'm not judging)
Are you really over him, or are you just a great liar?
Whose grave did you last visit?
Do you have any polaroids? (pictures)
How many photo-albums do you have?
Do you scrapbook?
Have you ever made a PostSecret book?
Have you ever seen The Upside Down Show?
Is it something children should really watch?
What about The Wiggles?
Do you support gay?
Name a song that gives you goosebumps.
Is it wrong to call things ''gay''?
What's the most terrifying thing you've ever been through?
Is there really such thing as a ''chemical imbalance''?
Is love really just a chemical reaction?