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Author: sassybabexo
Created: June 21, 2010
Taken: 59 times
Rated: G

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i tried to walk by with cool reserve; she probably thinks that i'm a perv.

Created by sassybabexo and taken 59 times on Bzoink
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Have you heard of Patrick Stump? If so, donít you just love him? <3
Are your nails painted at the moment? If so, what colour?
Has a guy ever called you ďbabyĒ and meant it?
Have you ever mowed the lawn? Did you enjoy it?
Do you wear any rings?
Where is your phone right now?
What pattern is on your blankets on your bed?
Are your hands cold right now?
Do you have any friends that are into one genre of music and nothing else?
How big is your wardrobe?
Do you like sticky notes?
What is your favourite instrument?
Have you ever seen Trapped in the Closet? :D
Is there a mirror in your room?
Do you ever wonder who you are related to without knowing?
Generally speaking, do you like remixes?
Do you enjoy metal? I only do when itís really, really loud, and Iím angry.
Honestly, have you ever ďsextedĒ?
Have you ever been to an under 18s dance club?
Do you hate how snobby seniors are? Cause I sure do.
What do you have on your desk, if you have one?
Do you have blinds or curtains on the windows in your house?
How many more years have you got left until you graduate?
Is there anyone who texts you almost constantly and you never text back?
Have you ever bought or received an iTunes gift card?
Donít you just love music from around 1995 to 2000? I miss it a lot.
Are there any stupid sayings you say often?
Can you think of anyone who makes fun of you and thinks you'll be fine?
Have you ever been delirious? Itís scary :O
Do you ever take the time to see whatís happening in the world?
Are you the type of person who updates their status every half an hour?
Do you have any idols?
Are you any good at Guitar Hero? What instrument do you play most?
Do you play Sims games? (The Sims 1, 2 and 3)
Have you ever heard of the lesser known Sim games? (SimAnt, SimTown, ect.)
Have you ever had Trolli gummies?
Have you ever had braces? If no, will you ever need them?
If yes to above, how long did you have them for? What colour bands?
Do you enjoy making things out of aluminium foil?
Have you ever been in a music video?
Do you make surveys on Bzoink.com?
Do you ever buy clothes online? I never do, because I get the sizes wrong.
Are you in a band?
Are most of your friends boys or girls?
How many songs are in your iTunes library?
What is your favourite soft drink?
Do you like the name Skyler?
What about Amy?
Has a dog ever humped you?
Do you enjoy squirting canned whipped cream straight into your mouth?
Do you prefer writing with pen or pencil?
Have you got any friends youíve known for 10+ years?
Does your hair take a long time to dry?