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Author: sarr03
Created: June 5, 2010
Taken: 81 times
Rated: G

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your light is ultraviolet.

Created by sarr03 and taken 81 times on Bzoink
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hey baby, what's your name?
has one of your friends ever tried to hook you up with someone?
what are you currently looking forward to?
any plans for tonight?
do you have any of those silly bandz?
what song are you listening to?
so, what were you up to thursday night?
what windows are opened on your computer?
when's the next time you'll go to the movies?
how is your love life?
are you missing someone?
what's the last thing that made you nervous?
how did you get your last bruise?
do you think anything is possible?
what was the last thing you ate?
are you in love?
when was the last time you were in a bad mood?
who is/was your favorite substitute teacher?
are you good at staring contests?
what color are your nails painted?
when was the last time you drew a picture?
do you buy your songs or illegally download them?
are you any good at sports?
do you wish at 11:11?
when was the last time you had candy?
what is your favorite season?
are relationships ever really worth it?
who was the last person you were angry with?
how many days until your school year ends?
do you like peanut butter?
what was the last thing you had to drink?
do you get really competitive in gym class?
what's your#1 goal in life?
where's your sibling?
what's your bus number?
who was the last person you high fived?
what was the last thing you said out loud?
have you been under the influence in the past 48 hours?
is there a phrase that annoys you everytime you hear it?
when was the last time you had to present something to your class?
would you be hurt if the person you last kissed walked out of your life?
how many times a day do you daydream?
life's too short?
who do you like?
do you use hair spray?
do you believe in god?
did you have a dream last night?
is there a radio in your bedroom?
have you ever been to colorado?
who was the last person that told you they missed you?
are you scared of anything?
is there anything going on next weekend?
with whom was your last hug?
what store is your favorite shirt from?
what color is your bike?
do you have twitter?
did you straighten your hair today?
how many pets do you have?
have you ever fell off your bed while you were sleeping?
where is the last person you held hands with?