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Author: hottie4lyfe
Created: May 31, 2010
Taken: 210 times
Rated: G

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About Me!

Created by hottie4lyfe and taken 210 times on Bzoink
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About Yourself...
Eye Color
Hair Color
Favorite Color
Favorite Song
Favorite Thing To Do
This Or That....
Xbox360 Or Ps3
Ninja Or Samurai
Lost Planet Or Force Unleashed
Shoes Or Sheets
Clothes Or Pj's
Have You Ever???
Kissed A Stranger
Gone A Day Without Sleep
Talked On The Phone All Night
Walked In Circles Due To Boredem
Got On your OWN nerves
Prank Called Someone
Watched 10Movies In A Day
Do You Believe In.....
Premarital Sex?
Love At First Sight?
The Loch Ness Monster?
Random Stuff....
Like Somebody RIGHT now?
What's The Name Of Your Crush?
How Were You When U Had Ur 1st Crush?
Do You like your life?
Are You dramatic?
Have Any Pets?
What Pets do you have?
What's your Favorite Store?
Ur Dream Car Would Be???
What Are you Doing Right Now?
Last Time You Stayed Up All Night?
Are You Tired Of Answering Questions Now?
Ur Done! How Do U Feel?