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Author: ayebaycay
Created: May 25, 2010
Taken: 37 times
Rated: G

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If you hear me before you see me I got king kong in the trunk

Created by ayebaycay and taken 37 times on Bzoink
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True or False.
You have two dogs.
Your parents are married.
You have been to a Lil Wayne concert.
You have over 1,000 songs on your iPod.
You prefer pens over pencils.
You have a big house.
Someone in your family is a Doctor.
You would like to be a Doctor.
You don't have a house phone.
You have over 10 pairs of sunglasses.
Your toothbrush is pink.
You have dated a football player.
You love to rollerblade.
You are good at hockey.
You play softball.
You are beast a kickball.
You have a dress that was over $200.
You don't really understand math or science.
You know how to speak over 5 languages.
Your nails are painted pink.
Your hair is pulled up in a pony tail.
You have a friend that was killed in a car accident.
You have a hard time getting over things.
You love photography.
You have one sister.
You have a tattoo.
You aren't good at memorizing things.
You are have contacts in right now?
You aren't very open with people.
You have trust issues.
You have four grandparents living.
You eat a lot.
You don't like pizza.
You are layed back.
You have blue eyes.
You like to wear headbands.
You lose your things a lot.
You have a hot tub.
You have a big bed room.
You have gone clubbing.
More than two people of the opposite sex have seen you naked.
Sea food is your favorite food.
You have told at least one person everything about yourself.
You have lost a bestfriend before.
Your phone is touch screen.
You own an iPad.
You like to play pac man.
You own pac man.
You like to play card games.
You aren't a very good swimmer.
You are in gymnastics.
You have a trampoline.
A lot of people like you.
You own a pair of shoes that are over $130
You have at least 45 pairs of shoes.
You have a lot of guy friends.
You don't like beer.