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About This Survey

Author: allieballie
Created: May 24, 2010
Taken: 120 times
Rated: PG

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My Neon Eyes Are Set On You

Created by allieballie and taken 120 times on Bzoink
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Let's start off with the basics:
What's your name?
Any nicknames?
How old are you?
How tall are you?
Hair color?
Eye Color?
What is your pants size?
Shoe size?
Shirt size?
Bra size?
How often do you dye your hair?
Would you consider your hair short or long or somewhere in between?
Are you shorter than most or taller?
What is the physical feature you're most complimented on?
True or False?
You use both shampoo and conditioner.
You watch the news.
Your favorite color is blue.
You own a cat.
You have no known allergies.
You have had chicken pox.
You prefer coke to pepsi.
You are from the United States.
You are in High School.
You have been to Germany.
You speak more than one language.
You love Mountain Dew.
You prefer your eggs to be scrambled.
You have been to Disneyland.
You know a tranny.
You have eaten an eggplant.
You are currently wearing jewelry.
You have read the Twilight books.
You were not impressed with the Twilight movies.
You have never had a speeding ticket.
You have spent a night in jail.
You have a child.
Your phone is an LG.
You are wearing socks right now.
You brush your teeth three times a day.
You have/had braces.
You wear contacts.
You have a ceiling fan in the room.
You took/take piano lessons.
You can touch your toes without bending your knees:
You smoke.
You can run a mile in under ten minutes.
You listen to rock music.
You love the smell of vanilla.
You have bit your tongue before.
You have a Youtube account.
You are wearing makeup.
You prefer headphones to earphones.
You are sitting at a desk.
Your mousepad is blue.
You read for fun.
You know what I'm talking about when I say "IRON REAVER SOUL STEALER!"
You watch Glee.
You think you're a ninja.
You drank on New Years Eve.
You have seen the Eiffel Tower.
You know all the words of a Lady Gaga song.
You are easily entertained.
Your family embarrasses you.
You have a facial piercing.
You live in a small town.
You hate getting stuck behind a tractor on the road.
You love Popsicles.
Your friends have never seen you cry.
You watch anime.
You prefer widescreen to fullscreen on movies.
You were kissed yesterday.
You have ridden on a train
You have built a treehouse.
You used to play with Hotwheels.
You used to play with Barbies.
You wore a dress yesterday.
You have never had head lice.
You watched "The Brady Bunch" as a kid.
You are wearing a white shirt.
Food is within reaching distance from you.
You have a hair straightener.
You love tea.
You have a Mickey Mouse hat.
You still play Pokemon.
You have your ears pierced.
You have seen a tornado.
You have been in a hurricane.
You have been in a flood.
Your favorite sport is Baseball.
Your favorite food is pasta.
You are of German decent.
You are old enough to drink legally.
You have a swingset in your back yard.
Your cell phone is nearby.
You have texting on your cell plan.
You love musicals.
You shave your legs.
You use sticky notes often.
You prefer cats to dogs.
You believe in God.
You love to climb trees.
You own a Flip Video Camera.
You have a Facebook account.
You have a Myspace account.
You have a Bebo account.
You own a Buick.
You have a bicycle.
You walk/ride your bike to school.
You love chocolate ice cream.
You look up stuff on Failblog.
You hate bananas.
You have voted.
You are home sick today.
You listen to:
The Almost
Automatic Loveletter
Band of Horses
The Beatles
Billie Holiday
Bing Crosby
Bob Dylan
Boys Like Girls
Bright Eyes
The Cab
Cute is What We Aim For
Death Cab for Cutie
Ella Fitzgerald
Elvis Presley
Escape the Fate
Fleet Foxes
Gordon Lightfoot
Haste the Day
Iron and Wine
Iron Maiden
KC and the Sunshine Band
Louis Armstrong
The Makeshift Gentlemen
Marc Cohn
Marilyn Monroe
Marty Robbins
Michael Buble
Miniature Tigers
The Monkees
Owl City
Panic! At The Disco
Phantom Planet
Plain White T's
Rufus Wainright
The Rocket Summer
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Sleep Station
More Music
What genre do you listen to the most?
Name a song starting with-
Which artist can you not stand?
Which artist is your favorite?
Do you have an iPod?
You you use CDs?
Do you buy or download music?
Legally or Illegally? (I won't tell haha)
Do you dance along with your music in the car?
Do you sing well?
Do you play any instruments?
Would you ever want to be in a band?
Have you been to any concerts?
If so, which ones?
Have you seen a musician in concert more than once?
Have you ever crowd surfed?
Do you like to listen to your music loud or do you prefer it to be softer?
Is there a genre that you despise?
What do you think about Lady Gaga?
What do you think about Britney Spears?
What do you think about Lindsay Lohan?
What do you think about Snoop Dog?
What do you think about Fall Out Boy?
School Time!
What was your teacher's name?
Who was your best friend?
Most vivid memory?
Favorite lunch?
Did you go on any fieldtrips?
Did you have nap time?
First Grade:
Did you have timed math tests?
How many First Grade classes were in your school?
How many recesses did you have each day?
Did you have story time?
Did you have the same best friend as in Kindergarten?
Did you have PE?
Second Grade:
Did you learn cursive in this grade?
Did you like your teacher?
Did you have music class?
Were you one of the taller ones in your class or shorter?
What was your favorite part about this grade?
Did you bring your lunch to school this year?
Third Grade:
Did you have a Valentines Party?
Did you take Accelerated Reader tests?
Do you remember any arts and crafts you did?
Did you have a crush in this grade?
Did your school have uniforms in this grade?
Was your teacher male or female?
Fourth Grade:
Did you ride the bus to school?
Did you have any parties this year?
Was your best friend a boy or a girl?
Was the 4th grade the oldest grade in your elementary school?
Was this in public school?
What was the best thing you accomplished this year?
Fifth Grade:
Were you in any sports this year?
Were you in a separate building/school than fourth grade?
Did you still watch cartoons in this grade?
What was your reading level then?
Did you switch teachers for different subjects this year?
Do you remember any substitute teachers?
Sixth Grade:
Did you have any fights with friends this year?
Did you change clothes for PE?
Did you make any new friends?
What was your favorite class?
Did you like your teacher(s)?
What age did you turn this year?
Seventh Grade:
Is the the grade your junior high started at?
Did you have a locker?
Did you get to choose your classes?
Did you have any foreign language classes?
Did you get to pick your lunch out?
Did you have Track and Field Day?
Eighth Grade:
Did you have PE this year?
What about art?
Did you have any fieldtrips?
Did 8th graders get any special privileges at your school?
Were you scared to go into 9th grade?
Was your school very big?
Ninth Grade:
Did you feel like a small fry?
Did you have the same friends as the year before?
Did you go to any dances this year?
Did you join any clubs?
Were you active in any sports?
Did you get your drivers permit this year?
Tenth Grade
Did you get a job this year?
Who was your favorite teacher?
What did they teach?
Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
What was your least favorite class?
Were you ever sent to the principal's office?
Eleventh Grade:
Do you remember the names of the secretaries at your school?
Did you get to help with decorating for Prom?
Did you go to prom?
What is your fondest memory of this year?
How many years ago were you in this grade?
What was the hottest gossip this year?
Twelfth Grade:
Did you partake in any senior pranks?
Did you have a Senior skip day?
Did you know if you wanted to go to college?
Did you know what you wanted your occupation to be?
What was the theme of your senior prom?
Did you throw your hat during graduation?
Random Questions
What is your favorite flavor of soda?
Have you ever painted your toenails?
Speaking of toes... are yours hairy?
What color is your purse/wallet?
Do you carry around photos of your friends or family?
Do you have a favorite brand of pen?
What is your favorite candy?
What is the most viewed channel on your tv?
What do you think about "Sixteen and Pregnant"?
Do you ever braid your hair?
Was it sunny today?
Have you ever used colored mechanical pencil lead?
What political party are you affiliated with (if any)?
Do you ever wear eyeliner?
What country would you most like to visit?
What country would you most like to live in?
Do you know what a Sunshine Buddy is?
Have you "gone green"?
How many miles per gallon does your car get?
Are you hungry right now?
What was the last thing you ate?
Do you have a favorite animal?
If so, what is it?
Do you think you should save sex for marriage?
Would you consider yourself open-minded?
Is there a difference between being closed-minded and strong in your ideas?
Should gays be allowed to marry?
Why or why not?
Have you ever ridden a horse?
When was the last time you rode in a bus?
Describe the last hat you wore.
What keychains do you have on your keyring?
Soda? Pop? or Sodapop? What do you call it?
Who is your favorite actor or actress?
Have you ever seen someone you couldn't figure out the gender of?
Are you tanned?
Have you ever used a tanning bed?
What colors are your country's flag?
What about your state/province?
What sorts of Natural Disasters occur where you live?
Have you ever seen the Mississippi River?
What about the Nile?
Have you ever seen "Pocahontas"?
Do you like suckers?
Tootsie Pops or Blow Pops?
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
Would you like to learn to use a bow and arrow?
Have you ever been to a shooting range?
Have you ever used a film camera?
Can you count to ten in a different language?
What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
Was it any good?
Where do you prefer to sit in the movie theater?
Have you ever seen a stage musical?
Are you hesitant to pick wedgies in public?
Have you ever farted in an elevator?
Did you blame it on anyone else?
Did you collect beanie babies as a kid?
Do you share a birthday with anyone famous?
Do you have any gift cards right now?
What about credit cards?
Is your hair in a poneytail right now?
Do people say you look older or younger than you really are?
Have you ever passed out?
Have you ever thrown up in public?
When was the last time you were home sick from school or work?
Did you have the flu this year?
Did you have Swine Flu?
Is it harder to not stare when someone tells you not to stare?
Do you like to grocery shop?
Do you consider yourself a good cook?
Are you a handy person?
Are any of your relatives in the medical profession?
Have you ever worked in a gas station?
What is your favorite video game?
Do you own a Sega Genesis?
What about a Nintendo 64?
Are you better at math or English?
What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
Are you a good dancer?
What is your grocery store of choice?
Do you usually take a cart even if you don't think you'll need one?
Do you live on a farm?
Do you like the smell of a farm?
Do chickens scare you?
"Do the chickens have large talons?"?
Did you know that chickens are the closest relatives to Tyranosaurusrex?
Do you prefer dry or humid atmospheres?
Tropical or Winter climates?
What is the funniest name you've ever heard for a pet?
Do you believe in angels?
What about the concept of fate?
Should public schools allow Intelligent Design to be taught with evolution?
Are you considered to be conventional or unconventional?
Are you married?
Would you want/did you have a small wedding?
Do guns kill people?
Have you ever found a four-leaf clover?
Can you burp on command?
What kind of deodorant do you use?
Have you ever drank pineapple soda?
Have you ever showered with anyone else?
Do you consider that an inappropriate question?
Can you use chopsticks?
What good uses can you have for a spork?
When was the last time you bought toothpaste?
Are your windows open right now?
Last time you showered?
Last time you held someone's hand?
Last electronic you bought?
Last movie you watched?
Last song you heard?
Last website you visited?
Last thing you said out loud?
Last person you texted?
Last person you called?
Last candy you ate?
Last junk food you bought/ate?
Last person to say something to you?
Last time you got into a fight?
Last bug you saw?
Last book you read?
Last TV show you saw?
Last videogame you played?
Last board game you played?
Last house you lived in?
Last town you lived in?
Last grade you completed in school?
Last animal you saw?
Last time you went on vacation?
Last place you went on vacation?
Last time you went camping?
Last thing you bought?
Last thing you drew?
Last thing you smelled?
Last time you wore a hat?
Last car you bought?
Last time you skipped school/work?
Last time you drank alcohol?
Last time you smoked?
Last friend you talked to?
Last time you sneezed?
Last store you visited?
Last time you worked?
Last birthday's plans?
Last year's best moment?
Last year's worst moment?
Last time you used a crayon?
Last time you babysat?
Last person you babysat?
Last time you got into an argument with a parent?
Last class you took?
Last time you needed a bandaid?
Last time you wore makeup?
Last time you brushed your teeth?
Last time you did a survey?
Fill in the _b_l_a_n_k_
Hey, My name is ___.
I have ____ pets.
I have ____ brothers and ____ sisters.
People say I have a ___ accent because I'm from ____.
I have broken ____ bones.
My favorite tv show is ____ and my favorite movie is ____.
I like to drink ____ out of a _____ container.
I get turned on by ____.
Meaning my door swings ___.
I ___ these fill in the blanks.
___ and wine
iPod ___
Math and Science ___.
Crosswords are ___.
Twilight is ___.
Harry Potter is ___.
Word Association
Type out the first word that comes to your mind!
Cell phone
Breath Mint
Paper Plates
Your Likes? (Repeats Possible)
Favorite Food?
Favorite Game?
Favorite Romance Movie?
Favorite Action movie?
Favorite Comedy Movie?
Favorite Horror Movie?
Favorite Sci-Fi Movie?
Favorite Book Movie?
Favorite Foreign Movie?
Favorite Sequel Movie?
Favorite 90s Cartoon?
Favorite 90s Musician?
Favorite 80s Cartoon?
Favorite 80s Musician?
Favorite song?
Favorite Cookie type?
Oh Babeh! You and your love interest!
His/Her name?
His/Her age?
His/Her hair color?
His/Her eye color?
How did you meet him/her?
Does he/she know you like him/her?
Do you have anything in common?
Does he/she have a job?
What is his/her favorite tv show?
Are you dating him/her?
Are there wedding bells in your future?
What does he/she say about your appearance?
What does he/she say about your smile?
Is he/she very sarcastic?
What are some talents he/she possesses?
Does he/she smoke?
Does he/she drink?
Does he/she believe in God?
Does he/she like zombie movies?
Have you discussed super personal things with him/her?
Has he/she seen you cry?
Have you dated before?
Would you consider him/her sexy?
Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?
Does he/she return your feelings of affection?
Have you "done the nasty"?
Are you open about your sexual experiences?
Is he/she conservative or liberal?
What is his/her favorite pastime?
Does he/she enjoy sports?
Is he/she popular?
Can you honestly say you love him/her?
Where Have You Been? (Places)
Munich, Germany?
Berlin, Germany?
Prague, Czech Republic?
Lucern, Switzerland?
Zurich, Switzerland?
New York?
Atlanta, Georgia?
Cancun, Mexico?
Tokyo, Japan?
Melborne, Australia?
St. Louis, Missouri?
Los Angeles, California?
London, England?
Sicily, Italy?
Madrid, Spain?
Cairo, Egypt?
Houston, Texas?
What is the name of your best friend?
When did you meet?
Where did you meet?
Did you instantly click or was it a tough time getting close?
Do you consider yourself to have a few close friends or lots of aquantance?
Do you and your best friend have a similar taste in music?
What about clothing style?
Or sports?
Do you share hobbies?
Do you ever have moments when you want to rip his/her head off?
Is it possible to have too much time together?
Would you ever be roommates with your best friend?
If you needed him/her at 3AM would he/she come?
Would you go to him/her at 3AM?
Which Friend...
Is the funniest?
Is the most absent minded?
Is the quietest?
Is the quirkiest?
Is the most wishy-washy?
Has the most unique name?
Is the prettiest/most handsome?
Could probably beat you up?
Do you wish you knew more about?
Have you not hung out with for a long time?
Did you last listen to music with?
Last hung out with you?
Gave you a present?
Did you do a favor for?
More about you...
Do you have a debit card?
What about a credit card?
Do you write checks?
When was the last time you did a Sudoku puzzle?
Are you any good at those puzzles?
How good are you at hula hoops?
Have you played Wii Fit?
Are you coordinated?
Would you say that you're a flirt?
Should you be doing something else right now?
Have you ever seen True Blood?
Are you okay with nudity in movies?
What about excessive cursing?
A sex scene in a movie is awkward when your parents are watching too, eh?
Speaking of sex scenes, do you tend to try not to look?
Is there anything that makes you blush?
Are you prone to bloody noses?
What about sneezing fits?
Or coughing?
What were you for Halloween last time?
Do you know what your costume will be this time?
When was the last time you held an infant?
Is there a holiday you think is pointless to celebrate?
Is Valentines Day stupid if you're single?
Would you ever buy a ShamWow?
How about Oxyclean?
Have you ever thrown a boomarang?
Do you have a piggy bank?
What about a safe?
Or a Savings account?
Does your country have bank holidays?
What is your favorite scent in a candle?
Speaking of candles do you prefer the heating discs or to light the wick?
Have you ever seen a buffalo up close?
Do you know what Rocky Mountain Oysters are?
What is your favorite search engine?
What is your favorite time-killing website?
What did you get from your parents this past birthday?
Do you prefer the British or American way of spelling words?
Have you ever been in a cave?
What about on an island?
Speaking of islands, have you seen Lost?
Did your brain melt and ooze out your ears during it?
Do you know any albino people?
Have you ever literally stopped and smelled the roses?
Do you play the Sims?
Have you ever bobbed for apples?
Ever witnessed a crime?
Do you live in a house or apartment?
This Or That?
Sausage or Bacon?
TV or Movies?
Cartoons or Reality TV?
Ropes or Chains?
Wallet or Purse?
Cell phone or Camera?
iPod or CDs?
Apples or Bananas?
Hungry or Thirsty?
Chinese or Japanese?
Blue eyes or Brown eyes?
Roses or Tulips?
Hair Up or Hair Down?
Car or Bus?
Angels or Demons?
Books or Movies?
Horses or Cattle?
Bath or Shower?
Crossword or Wordsearch?
English or French?
Sandwich or Pizza?
McDonalds or Burger King?
Ice Cream or Cake?
Night or Day?
Cats or Dogs?
Fire or Water?
Summer or Winter?
Spring or Fall?
Baseball or Basketball?
Electric or Gas?
Rock or Rap?
Country or Pop?
Mice or Rabbits?
Birds or Squirrels?
Ghosts or Aliens?
Horror or Suspense?
Lake or Creek?
Swimming or Jogging?
Beach or Pool?
Dresses or Jeans?
Bobbing or Shaking?
Warm or Cold?
Heart or Soul?
Babies or Toddlers?
Crazy old people or Annoying kids?
Grocery Shopping or Clothes Shopping?
Plaid or Plain?
Half Empty or Half Full?
Alive or Dead?
Questions That Might Make You Uncomfortable
Do you ever sleep in the nude?
Do you like being naked?
Who was the last person to see you naked?
Is he/she related to you?
Are you a virgin?
Why or why not?
Philosophical Questions? I Suppose I can help you out.
Is man really destroying the earth?
What is the cause of wars?
Do you agree that all of the world's problems are caused by religion?
Or is it just man's selfish nature?
Is sex something special? Or is it just another human need/desire?
Are marriages out of style and out of date?
Do you believe that a child needs both a mother and a father in their life?
On that note, should gays be allowed to adopt?
Should the US be able to drill in Alaska's frozen tundra?
Can a person truly screw up his or her life beyond repair?
Should there be something done about texting while driving?
Should fast food restaurants be held responsible for obese children?
What is your opinion on abortion?
Should it be allowed in only special situations?
Or should it be used as a form of birth control?
Should women under the age of 18 have parental consent before an abortion?
Do you believe in euthanasia?
What about sterilyzation in humans? Meaning they can't reproduce?
Should drug tests be mandatory for government assistance?
Should marijuana be legalized?
Should we just deport illegal immigrants or should we give them jail time?
Is government too corrupt to be efficient?
Is the media truly manipulative?
What do you think about people who claim the Holocaust never happened?
Is it true that one person can ruin the reputation of the group they're in?
Your Family
Do you get along with them?
Do they ever try to be your friends instead of parents?
Are they strict?
Do you have a curfew?
How long have they been married?
Do you have siblings?
Do you hang with them often?
How far apart are you in age?
Do you get along with them?
When was the last time you went on a family vacation?
Where was it to?
Are your grandparents still alive?
What about any great grandparents?
Do you get together for Christmas?
What about Easter?
Do you have family reunions?
Silly questions:
Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
Why doesn't glue stick to the bottle?
Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?
If you send someone 'Styrofoam', how do you pack it?
If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes?
Isn't it a little scary that a doctor's work is called practice?
Should crematoriums give discounts for burn victims?
There are 24 hours in a day, and 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?
What hair color do they put on the driver's license of a bald man?
What is a free gift? Aren't all gifts free?
Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?
Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?
Why do they call them "apartments" when they are all stuck together?
Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?
Why do "tug" boats push their barges:
Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?
Why do we sing "Take me out to the ball game", when we are already there?
Why is it called "after dark", when it is really after light?
Why are there Braille signs on drive-up ATM's?
Did Adam and Eve have navels?
More Questions That Make You Think:
What is the stronger emotion: anger or love?
Does insanity bring more creativity?
Can you get cornered in a round room?
If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or naked?
If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?
If a chronic liar tells you he is a chronic liar do you believe him?
Does love = sex?
What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
Are you old fashioned?
If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do?
Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?
Do you have any regrets in your life?
Is revenge ever justified?
What are you most proud of?
Who have you inspired lately?
What do you love about mankind?
What do you hate about mankind?
What gives you butterflies?
Is it possible to define Love?
How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
Is it possible to lie without saying anything?
Is it worse to do a horrible act or allow the horrible act to happen?
Is crying a sign of weakness or strength?
When was the last time you tried something new?
What is the difference between living and existing?
Are humans trying to cheat death?
Are we afraid of the unknown?
The End.
I hope you enjoyed it. =]
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