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Author: turtleshapedpancake
Created: May 14, 2010
Taken: 99 times
Rated: G

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fifty questions. :D

Created by turtleshapedpancake and taken 99 times on Bzoink
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do you like to watch sports?
have you seen the movie Space Jam?
have you ever taped your fingers together?
do you wet your toothbrush before putting on toothpaste?
do you like rice?
where is your perfect partner?
does it snow where you live?
do you live near any beaches?
have you ever made a clay pot on a pottery wheel?
what is your favourite flavour of chips?
do you like iguanas?
are you afraid of spiders?
can you spell MISSISSIPPI very fast?
did you ever do those hand clapping game things with your friends?
can you run into a jump rope and continue jumping?
do you take lots of pictures of yourself?
do you wear headphones or just blast music with your speakers?
have you owned any pens with feathers on the ends?
could you make a good dinner without using a recipe?
do you have an electric pencil sharpener?
liquid or tape whiteout?
where have you always wanted to go?
what question do you most want to have answered?
do you mimic people in voices that sound nothing like them?
what is the title of the last book you read / current book you're reading?
do you get butter / margarine on your popcorn at the movies?
are your nails painted?
have you ever painted a room in your house?
what colour is your printer?
whose handwriting is the nicest?
what was the first thing you ate today?
blue or black ink pens?
spending the day shopping or lying on the beach?
duct tape or 'duck' tape?
do you like spicy food?
when was the last time you wore flip flops?
what time will it be 20 minutes from now?
do you ever miss being a little kid?
do you wear perfume / cologne?
do you have any trinkets on your keyring?
is biting your nails one of your habits?
are you a frequent user of YouTube?
do you ever go out walking / jogging / running for fun?
do you ever wish you had an amazing sibling like they do in the movies?
do you like to wear skinny jeans? do they look good on the opposite sex?
are you supposed to be doing something more productive right now?
have you ever used your gluestick to trace a nice circle?
do you bring out your cell phone / music device when you're alone?
do you have a calendar up? what's its theme?
can you believe this survey is over?