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Author: sarr03
Created: May 12, 2010
Taken: 256 times
Rated: G

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you make it impossible to love anyone else, <3.

Created by sarr03 and taken 256 times on Bzoink
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hi, your name is?
how's life?
what's the most delicious thing you had to eat today?
what color are your ipod headphones?
is there a reason for your current anger?
when you say "i don't care." do you really mean it?
when did you last have goosebumps?
what did you do lastnight?
when was the last time you got in a fight physically?
have you ever seen titanic?
do you even know who celine dion is?
what's the least stressful class you have?
do you have any mosquito bites?
do you laugh when people yell at you?
when was the last time you bursted out in laughter at the wrong time?
when you were younger, did you play an instrument?
why do guys always go for slutty girls?
does anyone really wear headbands anymore?
have you ever been outside the united states?
when was the last time you just said "i don't care anymore?"
do you have a hard time admitting you're wrong?
do you still own a CD player?
name a good song that's ruined by a bad memory.
have you ever used proactiv?
on average, how much time do you spend on the computer?
do you own anything from hollsiter co?
what is the best movie you have ever seen?
when people apologize, do you forgive them or blow them off?
when you don't know the lyrics..do you make up your own words?
are you losing someone close to you?
have you ever swam with dolphins?
does the 5second rule still apply to your life?
what are you doing tomorrow morning?
do you eat a lot?
how long before you eat again?
do you remember the show big comfy couch?
where do you go on vacation?
how many pens or pencils are within your sight?
last thing you stapled?
how often do you find yourself in awkward situations?
when was the last time you watched a good movie?
what do you think about emotional pain?
would you fall apart if the last person you kissed walked out of your life?
do you anybody that has a motorcycle?
when people are in your way, do you plow them over?
do you run through dark rooms because you're scared?
can you see yourself being married in 10 years?
are you having anyone over this weekend?
when was the last time you had a stomach ache?
what did you want to be when you were little?
who did you last talk to in person?
when you fall down, do you make excuses?
why did you last tell someone you hated them?
have you ever been to new york city?
what's going to bed early for you?
what is your favorite color?
did anything shocking happen today?
do you have a dirty mind?
have you ever gone to a professional sporting event?
what is the last thing you watched on tv?