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Author: -infatuatedgirl
Created: May 10, 2010
Taken: 295 times
Rated: PG

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You're everything I want,'cause you're everything I'm not.

Created by -infatuatedgirl and taken 295 times on Bzoink
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Hey,what's your name?
How old were you when you got your first cellphone?
Weren't you just tingling with excitement?
Do you ever read the results of the surveys you make?
How many belts do you own?
If you had to live with one pair of shoes,what would they be?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
How about forevers?
What's your comfort food?
What do you use your cellphone for,aside texting and calls?
Are there any picture frames in the room you are in?
Did you ever ride a limo?
Do you use a lot of hair products?
Creepiest movie ever?
Do you ever wonder what your life looks like to someone else's eyes?
Have you ever walked into a crowded room and felt so alone?
What's your current status in facebook/myspace?
What was your dream job as a child?
Is it still the same?
Did you ever stay up all night?
Ever took a Bzoinkoid?
Do you like cracking your knuckles?
What color's your car?
If you don't have one,what color would you like it to be?
Did you ever do something you promised yourself not to?
Didn't it feel good?ha.
What's the 'craziest' color you dyed your hair?
What's your definition of fearless?
Don't you get a bit happy when you take an ipod shuffle survey and the...
song fits perfectly?
Do you like paranormal stuff?(shows,movies,books,etc)
Do you believe in those?
What's the weirdest compliment you ever recieved?
Did you even take it as a compliment?
Do you have a favorite stuff toy?
What's it's name?:D
What's the most exciting project you were given?
Are you familiar with Polyvore?
If so,do you have an account?
Did you accomplish your New Years Resolutions last year?
I usually forget them by the next week :p
What are you passionate about?
Without passion we'd truly be dead.Fact or fiction?
Are you guilty of internet slang?
Do you recognize the lyrics of the title?
Would you rather be hurt physically or emotionally?
Were you ever truly and completely happy with yourself?
Is your life balanced right now?
Did you ever roll down a ramp or hill?
If you can't be with the one you love,will you be with...
the one who loves you?
What's your favorite scent?
Are/were you forced to believe something you don't?
Are you very dependent on people?
Do you let small things ruin your day?
Are you a pushover?
Do you over-analyze things?
Did you ever wonder what life would be in a stranded island?
Do you have a good sense of direction?
What's your opinion on Kesha?
Are you excited for what the future holds for you?