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Author: cakestheheathen
Created: May 10, 2010
Taken: 116 times
Rated: PG

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We had a food fight in somebody's face

Created by cakestheheathen and taken 116 times on Bzoink
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Coke or Pepsi?
Do you hate people who chew with their mouth open?
Do you get frequent backaches?
Do you make your lunch, or does your mother? Or do you buy it?
Would you try to rescue a beached whale?
What do you do to protect the environment?
Do you even care what happens to it?
Are you materialistic or superficial?
Do you look in the mirror too often?
How hard is it for you to speak up?
What U.S. states have you visited?
Do you enjoy being angry?
Do you think you might avoid happiness simply cuz you aren't used to it?
under wat circumstances do u type lazily like this?
Are you brutally honest?
Do you expect honesty from people who take your surveys?
But when they are honest, their characteristics offend you?
And then you message them, essentially telling them to stop being honest?
Do you think you could change a person?
How about talk a murderer out of committing a heinous crime?
How important is your virginity to you?
Why is it important?
Do you ever go on Yahoo! Answers?
Do you love the music on Sims 2?
What's the worst kind of music?
Do you think people who drive big Ford trucks are rednecks?
When somebody tailgates you, do you slow down to fuck with them?
How prone are you to road rage, anyway?
When somebody wants to move in front of you do you speed up or let them in?
Are you passive or assertive?
What's one characteristic that could make you lose respect for somebody?
Do you think world peace is possible?
Woudn't you think the world is not as interesting if there was world peace?
Do you procrastinate?
Are you obnoxious or calm?
Do you suffer from depression or bipolar disorder?
Would you ever have a natural home birth with no epidural?
Are you planning on entering a medical or science career?
How do you feel about people that don't believe in god?
How are your beliefs better? Why do you believe in them?
Do you not really care what you look like?
Would you ever kiss somebody of the same sex?
Who's better: boys or girls?
Do you like sexist/racist/homophobic jokes even if you aren't any of those?
Do you take life too seriously?