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Author: macro
Created: May 9, 2010
Taken: 234 times
Rated: G

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But when she cried at night, no one cared. And when she cried at night, went insane.

Created by macro and taken 234 times on Bzoink
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Combine your parents names (ex: Sam and Terri = Serri)
Now combine you and your best friend's names
Have you ever asked someone out and been rejected?
Are you afraid of puke?
What about blood?
Who is your favorite character on Spongebob?
Don't be all mature and try to be like 'Spongebob is for morons' D:
What do you do when the room goes through an awkward silence?
Did it rain today?
Are there any rainbow things in this room?
What was the last thing you drank?
What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Do you go to Church?
Would you consider yourself a religious person?
Do you think the title of this survey is depressing? Lol
It's a song by Aerosmith, just so you know. xD
So. Are coconuts really nuts?
Put your favorite color. Now put your favorite food. (Ex: Teal grapefruit)
Now would you eat that food?
Do you write in cursive, all caps, or normal print?
What color is/was your pencil case for school?
Are you a very organized person?
Give me a random fact, please! (Heres one: Blue eyes see best in the dark)
Name a random character on Sesame Street
Do you know any songs by the Eagles? Name one
How many times have you been to the beach?
Are you the type who isn't afraid to open up?
Prove it. Tell me about your period. (:
+waits for people to yell at me about personal info+
So do you prefer cookies or cookie dough?
What was your favorite show as a kid?
What is your favorite genre of book?
What is your favorite genre of music?
What age did you stop wearing pigtails at?
How do you feel about dissecting animals?
What CDs are in your room?
Do you ever feel the need to use sticky notes?
Do you prefer birthday parties or quiet birthdays?
For school, did/do you prefer to use binders or folders?
Who is cooler: Spiderman, Superman, or Batman?
As a child, what was your favorite part of the playground? (ex: swingset)
How do you feel about peanut butter?
Do you like to get in the middle of Facebook fights?
Do you feel guilt for things you've done a long time ago?
Give me a band recommendation. :)
Which is better: ligers or unicorns?
Do you have bangs? Have you ever had bangs?
Do/did you ever get in trouble for talking in class?
Do/did your teachers like you?
Tell me about the weirdest teacher you ever had
Tell me something you're passionate about
This survey likes you. It wants to be your friend
Name a country singer! Hurry!
What is your favorite kind of bear?
What color are your nails right now?
Do you know anyone who uses two colors at once for eyeshadow?
What kind of flowers could you find in your garden?
Look around the room. Name five things you see.
So now I'm going to get a drink. Can I get you anything?