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Author: guttaxchiqkx3
Created: May 7, 2010
Taken: 283 times
Rated: G

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I hate the ones who love to hate, because they're just like me..

Created by guttaxchiqkx3 and taken 283 times on Bzoink
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Whats your name?
Are you ignoring someone right now?
Did you find out some really shocking news in the past week?
Are your mom and dad divorced?
Do you like the band, Escape The Fate?
How about, Daft Punk?
What kind of music do you like anyways?
What do people Stereotype you as?
^ Dont you hate people who do that?
Do you like, Blood on the dance Floor? [The band, not the song]
Are you still in school?
Did you ever get grounded for, 2 months?
Do you like Family Guy?
What about South Park?
Demetri Martin?
Dont you hate getting those chain letters?
^ Do you even send them Back?
^ Do you even Believe in them?
Whats your favorite kind of dino saur?
Do you like The band, Dinosaur Jr.?
Speaking of Dinosaurs, Did you see that ice age movie?
Do you want to see the new Nightmare on Elm Street?
Who is better?: Freddy or Jason
Jason Kicks Ass, in my opinion :]
When was the last time you went to the movie theaters?
^ What movie did you see?
Doesn't Avatar look dumb?..
Do you have any Mental Disorders?
^ If so, what?
Did you ever go to a mental hospital?
Do you watch the show, Ghost Whisperer?
How about, NCIS?
My friend thinks Abby is hot O.O
Do you like smores?
Whats your favorite ride in the carnival, if any?
Do you like to watch those old scary movies, from like 1980?
Dont you think Myspace is overrated?
What about Facebook?
Do you like that new Justin Bieber kid?
Do you like that music group, Young Money?
Do you believe that the world ig going to end in 2012?
Any Pets?
Does you mom/dad smoke?
Do you still like going to slumber parties?
Recommend a really good book:
Do you check your email often?
Or do you only use it to verity accounts?
How do you style your hair?
Do you straighten it alot?
Doing my hair is a pain after I take a shower. :
How often do you take a shower?
Do you like Converse?
Or are you more of the Jordan and Nike type?
Are you really colorful?
^ Or do you wear darker colors?
Do you wear flip flops in winter?
How is the survey going?
This is my first serious one. :]
ANd I think it sucks, so far.
How old are you?
Are you any good at minesweeper?
^ Do you even think you can win?
Do you like the band, Bright Eyes?
When was the last time you went to a concert?
^ What band?
Did an old person ever hit on you?
^ Did you just go along with it, or did you quicky leave?
Do you ever have hallucinations?
Do you believe that weed should be legalized?
Did you ever feel someone was following you/watching you?
^ Isnt that the creepiest feeling ever?
Do you believe in God/a god?
When did you learn about the Greek/Roman gods, anyway?
Has your life been excellent so far?
Are you one of those over-obsessed Twilight fans?
Do you get embarrased easily?
Do you like Apple Jacks?
Do you even eat breakfast?
Have you ever injured yourself, on purpose?
Got any scars?
How about bruises?
Did you ever have that dream when you actually felt like you were falling?
^ You like having that dream?
Do you really believe when you die in your sleep, you die in real life?
Did you ever see, 1000 ways to die?
^ Do you believe they make those stories up, or do you think they're real?
Do you think everything's real on tv?
Do you like to read random facts off the internet?
Whats your favorite accent?
Do you go to the library often?
^ When was the last time you went?
Do you believe in the paranormal?
Do you like to visit the cemetary?
^ Or does it just freak you out?
When you die, do you want to get burned or do you want to be buried?
Isnt math the most boring subject ever?
Do you have a job?
^ If so, what?
Have you moved here from a different country?
Did you like my survey? :]
Will you save it?
Rate it?
Okay, Im sure you had enough of me. Good bye :D

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