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About This Survey

Author: kurtcobainluver27
Created: May 3, 2010
Taken: 174 times
Rated: G

Are you like me? (True or False)

Created by kurtcobainluver27 and taken 174 times on Bzoink
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True or False
You should be doing homework instead of taking this survey
You got out early today at school
You have at least 5 friends
Your boyfriends name begins with a D
You have brown eyes
You have black hair
The only thing you wear to school is a t-shirt and jeans
You like bands from the 90's
You like the 90's all together
You miss the old shows on Nickolodeon
You miss your boyfriend at this moment
Your a freshman in high school
Your still in school
Your parents are divorced
You have more than 3 friends who's names start with K
You have a crush on a rock star who passed away before you were born
You are obsessed with a band
You had a crush you broke your heart
You tried to commit suicide at least 3 times
You used to have really bad depression
You cry everyonce in awhile
You've had friends talk behind your back
^ but you still count them as your friends today
Your boyfriend is immature at times
^and he's obsessed with video games
You like taking surveys on Bzoink and other sites
You have a Myspace and Facebook account
You are addicted to Facebook
You have 2 dogs and 2 cats
You own a Wii
^you play game cube games on your Wii
You still have a Nitendo 64 game system
You have an older sibling
^who is 3 1/2 years older than you
Nirvana is your favorite band
^or is one of your favorites
Your addicted to the internet/computer
You love the Sims 2
^and have at least 3 of the expansion packs
You own the Sims 3
^but you don't have the right video card to play it
Your birthday is in March
^on the 21st
You're 15 years old
You were once obsessed with a movie
You have a boyfriend whose two years older than you
Comedy movies are your favorite
The total number of your class is 28 (including yourself)
You're an Aries
You have a song stuck in your head right now
You're a big fan of Spaghetti
You're from Italian, German, Irish, and some Indian ancestery
Your not the most popular person at your school
You have a bunch of pictures of your favorite celebrity on your computer
You laugh at anything, even if it's not funny
Your like to say "Ok then" a lot
You're a random person
You enjoyed taking this survey
You're glad that this survey is over