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Author: sarr03
Created: May 2, 2010
Taken: 166 times
Rated: G

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reminisce, talk some shitt.

Created by sarr03 and taken 166 times on Bzoink
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hey sweetie, what's your name?
so tell me, do you have feelings for anyone?
what's the reason for your current confusion?
what was the best part of friday night for you?
where's you mom?
are you reading any books right now?
any plans for tomorrow?
i bet someone's annoying you, who?
who did you last take a picture with?
what's the best thing about summer?
is there someone you want to hang out with soon?
have you ever played rockband?
who was the last person to send you a private message on facebook?
when will you next see this person?
do you think guys can commit?
what is your favorite thing to do when you're bored?
how do you like your chicken?
what's your favorite fastfood restaurant?
what song are you listening to?
does this song have a special meaning?
do you have any bruises?
what is the closest purple thing?
would you consider yourself a drama queen?
do you find yourself gaining lots of guy friends?
if so, why?
would you mind telling me what time it is?
where is somewhere you'd like to be right now?
have you heard jay-z's remake of the song forever young?
if you have, do you like it?
are you sad?
what's the last thing you googled?
how often do you use a real dictionary?
who is your history teacher?
is your school year coming to an end?
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
what do you think of people who smoke pot because "it's cool"?
have you ever been called fake?
when you were little did your mom ever sing to you?
you do know that mother's day is coming up..right?
what's the reason you last laughed really hard?
who do you sit with at lunch?
where does your dad work?
ever feel like you don't belong?
have you made your bed yet today?
what should you be doing right now?
how long have your parents been together?
does anything on your body hurt?
what kind of gun do you always buy?
kmart or walmart?
what's your favorite kind of gatorade?
most visited website?
out of all your friends, whose house have you stayed at the most?
what is the last movie you saw in theaters?
is there a movie that is out now that you want to see?
where were you this morning?
does your printer need ink?
have you ever waited for someone to IM/text you?
ever looked for something that was right in front of you?
favorite smiley face?
who is one person you couldn't imagine life without?