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Author: kotoba
Created: April 29, 2010
Taken: 121 times
Rated: PG

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Yaoi Survey! (Medium!)

Created by kotoba and taken 121 times on Bzoink
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Welcome! So first off, lets get a glimps of who you are.
How old were you when you 'found out' about Yaoi?
Do you consider yourself to be a 'Yaoi FREAK'?
What was the first yaoi related content that you encountered?
Do your friends/family know of your interest in yaoi?
How do YOU pronounce Yaoi?
Do you draw yaoi?
What is (are) your current favorite yaoi manga/art/story?
What 'rating' is your favorite kind of yaoi? (like R, NC-17, PG-13, etc)
Do you slash or pair characters in a yaoi pairing that aren't actually gay?
What do you think of hetero pairings? (Male x Female)
Do you care for Yuri? (Female x Female)
If your favorite store started selling Yaoi merchandise, would you buy any
What do you think of people who dislike yaoi?
Alrighty then, wasn't that an ordeal! It's not over yet, though!
Do you prefer Yaoi Manga,Novels or Anime?
Where do you stand when it comes to Shota?
Do you ever think of pairing live action characters/actors?
Do you like your yaoi censored or uncensored?
What do you think when you see
Do you use Deviantart? (if so, then do you watch any yaoi groups?)
Would you consider yourself to be the UKE or SEME?
If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, do they like yaoi as well?
Would you wear something yaoi related in public?
Have you ever cosplayed (dressed up) like a person from a yaoi?
Where do you go to 'buy' yaoi?
What websites do you go to 'download' yaoi?
Ever been to 4chan?
Do you like it when the uke in a yaoi is very femminine?
I'd say, we're already HALF WAY THERE! (sort of)
What genre of yaoi are you into? (Drama, romance, comedy etc)
What do you think about manly yaoi? (shonen looking or like beefy men)
Do you like oneshot yaoi? or Doujinshi?
If you don't know what those are then you're not that big of a yaoi fan :I
Anyway! What's your age preference for the characters in yaoi?
Do you approve of Mpreg? (Male pregnancy)
Do you prefer the seme to have facial hair?
What about the uke?
Do you like Manly uke's?
You know it's pronounced: SEH-MEH and OOK-AY, right?
What do you think of yaoi with characters or people with animal attributes?
Say you could change up an official yaoi manga/story that you like.
Do you go to anime conventions?
What do you say when someone asks you what yaoi is/means?
Almost to the end there folks! Just hang on for a bit more!
Do you have any yaoi OCs? (original characters) If so, tell us about them.
Do you approve of gay marriage?
Is there a type of yaoi manga/story/anything yaoi related that you hate?
Oh no! Mom's found your yaoi stash! NOW WHAT?
Do people rely on you as their yaoi source?
Does yaoi = real gay men to you?
If the US put yaoi on TV, which ones would you expect to see?
Do you like english dubbed yaoi? (however many there are D: )
How much yaoi do you own, total?
Getting tired of filling this out yet?
When you google search yaoi, what's the first thing you click on?
Is there a yaoi pairing you see lately that you ABSOLUTELY HATE?
Do you roleplay yaoi related things?
Lets hear what recent thing happened in your yaoi rp!
Would you make your own yaoi dating sim?
(don't you wish there were more yaoi dating sims?)
Oh no, your favorite yaoi manga got discontinued! ; A ;
Oh hey! A new yaoi came out. Gonna check it out?
Thanks for taking the time to fill this out! :D