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Author: sofay
Created: April 29, 2010
Taken: 210 times
Rated: G

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How can you be mad? We just got started.

Created by sofay and taken 210 times on Bzoink
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Do you currently have a tan?
The last person you spoke to on the phone: What did you talk about?
Do you bite your upper or lower lip most often? Or neither?
Who was the last person you said 'I love you' to?
If you have a sketchbook / diary or something, what do you put in it?
Would you rather own an Etch-A-Sketch or a Magic Writer?
Name one habit of yours: Would you like to break it or are you fine with it
Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction books?
Would you rather drive or be driven?
Do you have some kind of signature pose that you pull often for photos?
If a conversation dies, what do you do? (Walk away, do a dance, etc :P)
Do you prefer being home alone or with people?
Do you have any freckles? Lots or few? What colour are they?
Do you prefer small talk or indepth conversations?
Do you pace around while talking to people?
What flavour was the last bowl of soup you ate?
Do you prefer taking pictures with a mobile or with a camera?
What's your favourite dessert?
When was the last time you cleared your throat?
When someone yawns, does that make you yawn?
Do you call it hug, cuddle or something else?
What colour are your pets, if you have any?
Do you think that everything is better when it's spontaneous?
The bands / other workers in hotels: Do you ever think that they...
... must really hate their jobs?
What if life was like a musical and everyone sang to explain themselves?
Have you been to more funerals than weddings? Or vice versa?
What do you carry around with you on a daily basis?
Would you rather take a picture of yourself of have someone else take it?
Do you get irritable when tired or hungry?
Do you tip when you go places?
Can you do that that thing where you stick your tongue up and roll your...
... bottom lip down so it looks like you have massive lips?
Lol, that was hard to explain. D:
Do you get offended easily?
Have you ever been stuck in a lift / elevator?
What was the last thing that frightened you?
Name something you wished you liked, but you just can't: